You have a lifestyle that you already enjoy and FWD is there to help you maintain it. In just a single payment, you’re not just protected, because your investment also allows you to potentially grow your wealth.
All Set Higher: Premium VUL Plan

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Wealth planning now made simple for you. For a single payment starting at P1 Million, All Set Higher allows you to pay your premium once for your convenience so you can enjoy the lifetime benefits. Make your money work harder to protect you and your family. Go further as you invest in a variety of FWD funds that potentially grow your wealth. The time is now to start a legacy that covers you, your family and the next generation.

So... What does it do?

  • No premium charge, no initial fees
    Your initial investment is placed in full in a variety of FWD funds with the aim of maximizing wealth.

  • Loyalty bonus
    The longer you keep your money, the more you get out of your plan. That is because on your 10th year and every two (2) years thereafter, your investment earnings increase.

  • Hassle-free application
    Quick, easy, and requires no medical examination from your end.

  • Coverage up to 100 years old
    Lifelong protection for you and your loved ones.

  • Convenience at your fingertips
    Fund switch and fund allocation can be done online, anytime as your needs change.

But wait, there's more

  • Enjoy rewards for loyalty – The longer you keep your money earning with FWD Life, the more you get out of your plan. Enjoy a loyalty bonus on the 10th year, and every two (2) years after that.
  • Quick and easy application – Unlike other applications that require a lot from your end, FWDs hassle-free application is quick and easy and doesn’t require any medical check-ups.

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