• What is Group Insurance?

  • Group Insurance is insurance provided to a group of people; it provides pure protection to insured individuals for unforeseen event and losses such as:

    • Death (natural causes, accidental causes)
    • Injuries (Dismemberment, Disability)
    • Sickness (Health)

  • How is Group Insurance different from Individual Insurance?
  • Unlike Individual Insurance, Group Insurance provides pure protection; it does not have cash values.  It provides protection for one year which may be renewed by the Company. It issues only one contract for all persons covered and over-all, is much cheaper than individual insurance.

  • Who can enjoy Group Insurance?  Can any kind of group buy group insurance? 

    • Employer-Employee Groups
    • Professional Associations
    • Registered Organizations
    • Cooperatives
    • Labor Unions
  • Who may be covered under a Group Insurance Plan?
  • Employees:

    • A regular , full time (means a person who is able to perform all the usual and customary duties of his occupation on a regular basis for at least 30 hours per week), and is actively at work 
    • Age 18 – 69 years old at the time of application
    • Plan terminates at age 75

    • All bonafide members of an organization, must be in good health and actively performing all Activities of Daily Living.
    • Age 18 – 69 years old at the time of application
    • Plan terminates at age 75
  • Can the Employees’/Members’ Dependents be covered?

  • Yes, subject to: 
    • the Employer’s/Company’s decision to include said dependents and
    • to the eligibility/suitability requirements of dependents.
  • Why should I buy Group Insurance?

    • It’s a great way to both attract and retain employees.  Nowadays, basic salaries are not enough to entice employees to transfer jobs or to stay in their current jobs.
    • It’s an organized and cost-effective way to provide peace of mind to you, the Employer, and to your employees.  An employee who feels secure is a more productive employee.

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