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This is why you need to stick to a budget plan ASAP

Here’s how to achieve your goals and find financial freedom by laying down a clear budget plan. By Kaydee Dela Buena

Achieving financial preparedness starts with a sound budget. Budgeting is one of the most effective tools to keep your spending in check and manage your money. It takes into account your current expenses and potential cash resources. Yet, people often avoid doing this because of the additional work and many feel like it’s too limiting. But in fact, it’s the opposite: it ensures that you have enough to enjoy when you want and need it. 

As we continue to grapple with a global health crisis today, it’s important to be financially secured. Preparing a budget is, indeed, more work but it will help you in the long run and protect you from more stress down the road. Below are more reasons why it’s crucial to create one and actually stick to it. 

Organize your money
Budgeting gives you control of your finances. It allows you to track your spending, appropriate money to areas most needed, and spot unnecessary expenses. Having a solid financial plan gives you transparency as to where your money goes. 

By creating a budget, you’ll be more aware of your spending habits. Each month, see how much you can afford to spend, covering important categories such as food or rent. It saves you from overspending and wondering where your money went.

Save, save, save
Having a budget means you get to plan your expenses in advance. It prevents you from dipping into your savings account each time you run out of cash. 

Each month, make sure to set aside even the smallest of contributions into your savings account. Any amount will make a difference in the long haul. Not only do you get to build your wealth, you also get to beef up your emergency fund in case anything bad happens.

Reach your goals
Sticking to a budget encourages you to map out long-term goals and how to work towards them. If you continue to live from paycheck-to-paycheck, how are you ever going to buy that dream house, take that trip abroad, or start that new business venture? Your budget gives you the blueprint to how you can achieve your dreams in terms of finances. If you’re working with limited resources, budgeting helps you make ends meet.

Need for security
While it’s important to practice mindful spending today, saving up is also critical to your future. Budgeting helps you do just that. Consider integrating investment contributions into your budget, like the insurance with investment plans of FWD Insurance. It may require you to sacrifice a portion of your monthly earnings but it’ll be worth it in the end. A good insurance plan can cover sudden expenses and unexpected death. Having one will not only benefit you but also your loved ones. Protect them all while working towards reaching your dreams. 

Prepare for emergencies
No one can truly be prepared for life’s uncertainties, but a budget can give you that security and relief when you should need it. If you get laid off, fall ill or get hospitalized, these situations can lead to serious financial strain. This is why it’s important that your budget also include an emergency fund. Most insurance policies – from life insurance to medical plans – can serve as a fitting “fund” to help you out in these instances. These can prevent you from spiraling into debt. 

But of course, you don’t need to allocate everything into your emergency fund also. Start small and slowly build up your fund. The key is to always have a back-up plan to cover unexpected expenses as they come up. 

Worry less 
There’s a misconception that budgeting restricts you from enjoying your life. But it’s actually far from it. Budgeting opens more opportunities for you to enjoy your hard-earned cash in more mindful ways. 

With a budget, you get to decide where to spend it. If it means allocating a portion of it towards leisure activities or treating yourself, you shouldn’t feel bad about it so long as you meet your other more urgent needs first.  You’ll be more at peace knowing that you have extra funds on hand to spend on things that you enjoy.

Budgeting takes true commitment. If you want to safeguard your future and always have a fallback, start to create a plan and take it slowly. Sticking to a budget liberates you from bad spending habits and lays out a feasible plan to reach your goals.