Money and insurance

Is your partner financially savvy?

Spot the signs they are NOT! We all know that relationships can be a rollercoaster ride filled with ups and downs. While compatibility is essential in many aspects, one area that often gets overlooked is finances. That's right; money matters!

1. The Avoidance Artist ✋

Does your partner have a knack for changing the topic whenever money comes up? Do they seem a bit uncomfortable discussing finances? Well, that's one red flag right there. A financially unaware person might shy away from money talks, making it z to plan a shared financial future.

2. Living for the 'Gram ✌️

Okay, we all love a little luxury now and then, but if your partner consistently splurges on fancy dinners, flashy gadgets, and dreamy vacations without a second thought, it might be a sign. Living beyond their means can lead to a world of financial trouble down the road.

3. No Plans, No Worries 🤷

Living in the present is fantastic, but when it comes to finances, a little planning goes a long way. If your partner seems more interested in living for today than considering future goals, it's time to take note. Financially aware folks know that planning and saving pave the way for a secure tomorrow.

4. Debt Galore 🤲

While we all have a little debt here and there, a financially aware person works hard to manage and reduce it. If your partner's debts seem to be spiraling out of control or they're hiding credit card bills under the rug, it's time for an honest chat.

5. The Vanishing Emergency Fund 🤔

A financially aware partner knows the importance of having an emergency fund. It's like a superhero ready to save the day when unexpected expenses strike. If your partner's emergency fund keeps vanishing faster than a magician's trick, it's time to discuss the importance of financial preparedness.

6. Lone Ranger 🐺

In a healthy relationship, financial responsibilities are shared. If your partner always seems to leave you with the burden of expenses and budgeting decisions, it's time to have an open conversation about the importance of teamwork in handling finances.

7. Secretive Spender 🤫

Trust is the foundation of any relationship, and that includes trust in financial matters. If your partner keeps their financial situation a mystery or is sneaky about their spending habits, it might be time for some soul-searching talks.

8. Financial Stress = Emotional Mess 😭

We all face financial stress from time to time, but if your partner gets overly emotional or defensive when money matters come up, it could indicate that they're not handling their finances well.

So, what’s next?

Recognizing these signs early on can help you have open conversations and work together towards a brighter financial future. And if you need help guiding your SO into financial literacy, we can help!

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Now, all you have to do is grab your partner's hand, talk it out, and support each other in becoming financially savvy superheroes!

Cheers to a financially aware love life! 🌟💑