Money and insurance

Invest in a complete insurance protection today!

Get life insurance coverage, critical illness coverage, and accident and terrorism coverage all in one package that comes with 4 exclusive rewards.

Why stop at one when you can have 3? FWD’s 3-in-1 Protection bundle is a complete insurance package that combines FWD’s three digital products—KanLive for life insurance coverage, KanMend for critical illness coverage, and KanGuard for accident and terrorism coverage—in one holistic plan for only ₱5,397/year!

On top of its extensive coverage, the bundle also it comes with four exclusive rewards
  • 1-year unlimited Aventus medical consultations
  • 6-months KonsultaMD medical consults
  • 1-year Assist America global emergency service
  • Shopping vouchers

Available for everyone aged 18-50, coverage up to age 55. *Exclusions may apply.