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FWD Tapp: Your One-tap App for All Insurance Needs

An award-winning, digital-first insurance app that has swept the insurance industry! By Kaydee Dela Buena

Modern consumers are already used to doing their transactions via smartphones—mobile banking, online shopping, you name it. And insurance products are no different.

A mobile app for insurance is a must-have nowadays. In a time when social distancing is highly implemented, people are now left to their own devices (literally!). Almost everything is done virtually for your convenience and safety. Meeting such expectations, FWD Insurance has pioneered policy management convenience with FWD Tapp, allowing policyholders to check and manage their accounts anytime, anywhere.

Insurance made easy

Dubbed as the “one-tap insurance app,” FWD Tapp officially launched in late 2018. Since then, it has proved to be most beneficial for each participant in the process: the client and company.

FWD Tapp provides access to all your insurance needs—may it be for payments or filing claims. The mobile program is just one of FWD’s latest digital initiatives built with a customer-focused mindset. With FWD Tapp, FWD aims to up the game for customer engagement and experience.

Tapp provides important functions to go paperless and make claims. It has a variety of features that best fit FWD’s growing clientele, especially those who lead busy schedules and who are always on-the-go. Here are some of its best features:

1. Easy access to policy coverage. You get to view all relevant insurance information, including policy coverage, contracts and documents, and recipients.

2. 24/7 service. FWD understands that all customers lead different lives. FWD Tapp makes it easier for you to handle your finances at your most convenient time. It streamlines frequent customer inquiries and service requests so that flow of information is continuous, and that immediate assistance is available.

3. Manage your investments. FWD Tapp is the first to feature a growth tracker so that customers can follow the growth of their investments over time. Moreover, it allows you to top up on funds or request changes to your plan to fit your financial goals.

4. Live chat feature. FWD Tapp has a built-in Live Chat to save time spent on voice prompts and phone verification procedures.

5. Pay premiums. FWD policyholders may settle their premium dues via Tapp. Don't fret because in-app notifications are made available so you’ll never miss out on a due date.

6. File claims. You may file claims through FWD Tapp whether it’s a death claim or medical claims such as hospitalization and critical illness. Your Claims Ambassador will assist you throughout the process.

Leading the change

Developments in technology have changed the way insurance companies work. And FWD has always been at the forefront, developing innovative digital initiatives that are centered on consumers’ needs. 

Since 2018, FWD Tapp has been able to achieve a penetration rate of 50%, as more customers became registered users. Moreover, FWD Tapp was able to garner an impressive rating score on app stores, cementing its position as one of the leading insurance apps in the country.

This year, FWD was able to bag two prestigious awards, confirming its status as a digital innovator. FWD Tapp was awarded the Digital Insurance Initiative of the Year at the 5th Asian Banking and Finance Insurance Asia Awards (IAA), while FWD Group was named Best New Insurer in Asia at the International Data Corporation’s Financial Insights Innovation Awards (IDC-FIIA) 2020. These recognitions prove how dedicated FWD is in providing its customers with accessible insurance solutions while increasing business efficiency.

As the lives of consumers change and new technologies are invented, FWD continuously updates and refines its app, incorporating more advanced features such as facial recognition, blockchain, and larger data capacity.

Place security and convenience in your hands and download FWD Tapp now. To know more about the app, click here.