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View from the top: FWD is a true industry game-changer

Innovation and building customer relationship are the driving force behind this powerhouse By Kaydee Dela Buena

Shopping for insurance is not an easy task. When it comes to finding a new pair of shoes or a new coffee shop to get your caffeine fix, we’re relatively equipped as consumers to make smart decisions. We can tell immediately if the shoes are the right fit or when a latte is justly priced. The same can’t be said for insurance. When it comes down to it, you have to be meticulous and consider numerous factors such as price, coverage, and the brand’s credibility. 


Launched in 2014, FWD Life Insurance Corporation (FWD Life) has become one of the fastest-growing insurance companies in the Philippines. The brand’s principal shareholder is the Pacific Century Group, an Asia-based private investment group established in 1993 with interests across three core business pillars: Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT), Financial Services, and Property. Thanks to its strong track record of successful investing, FWD in Southeast Asia has seen impressive growth, securing its foothold and expanding its global sustainable network. 

From its two initial products: All Set, a single-pay insurance plan, and Set for Life, a regular-pay insurance plan with premium benefits, FWD has been able expand its product line from life and health insurance plans to life insurance with investment products. 


With its vision of changing the way people think about insurance, FWD advocates a unique approach—taking lead from its customers and continually adopting new technology in the development of its products. 

FWD is among the few insurers who really invest in innovative opportunities. It’s advisors can make use of these technologies to easily reach their customers and provide expert advice and relevant solutions that cater to their ever-changing financial needs.

On the other hand, customers are provided with convenient ways to make their claims through online transactions, which is ideal given the current situation. In the Philippines, for example, customers can access their policies, pay their premiums, and manage their investments right on their mobile phones via Omne, FWD’s supercharged 2-in-1 app that helps you achieve real-life goals. 

Furthermore, FWD makes sure that all their stakeholders—from business partners and employees to clients and community members—are well taken care of. As shown in its ASEAN corporate governance scorecard, the company has long since executed policies that protect the rights of all those involved and promotes their interests. 


In just six years, FWD has been able expand its reach across Asia, serving up to nine markets with an estimate of 7.5 million customers. Currently, it has more than $50.9 billion in assets.

In Hong Kong and Macau, FWD is among the top 10 life insurers. It’s also the first company to offer a critical illness plan that covers mental health. 

In Thailand and Indonesia, FWD’s digital innovations are popular and prevalent, with the company introducing products via mobile banking and life insurance through digital platforms, respectively. Moreover, the company is widely recognized in both countries for its outstanding customer service. 

In Singapore, FWD is the first to offer chat box guided claims and cashless claims for travel insurance. On the other hand, FWD Vietnam is the fastest growing life insurer with minimal exclusions. 

In the Philippines, FWD has proudly reached numerous milestones, including securing a spot in the top 10 insurance companies in just four years, successfully outpacing the insurance industry as Top 8 insurer. FWD has also reached Japan and Malaysia, and is targeting China next. 


Giving back and supporting small, local communities is also part of FWD’s company culture. Over the years, FWD has partnered with Humanity and Inclusion, the Special Olympics, and the Hong Chi Association, among others. The company has always been vocal about the importance of providing opportunities to those in need, especially people with disabilities. Inclusion is prioritized and promoted through fun and impactful ways such as supporting sports tournaments, entrepreneurial training programs, and campaigns. 

Shopping for insurance should not be difficult or complicated. FWD—as your lifetime partner—makes insurance easy, understandable, and stress-free. Protect your assets and secure your future with a comprehensive and inclusive plan care of FWD.