Money and insurance

Financial adulting in the digital age

Something most people can agree on is how overwhelming adulting can be. With all that freedom comes a ton of responsibilities. Managing your finances is not an exception. Unfortunately, not every Filipino is adept in financial literacy. Most still struggle with how to manage their money after they get their paycheck.

The truth is, we can all be good with finances. It’s a skill that can be learned, practiced, and perfected.

Different ways to learn about finances

In this digital age, the resources for you to learn from are positively endless! After all, the internet is filled with millions of information about financial literacy just waiting to be unearthed. Some sources you can go to include but are not limited to:

And then, there’s Pinoy Money Master

FWD Chief Marketing and Digital Business Officer, Roche Vanderberghe, crystallizes it clearly, “In terms of skills, the world has evolved…Most of the people are now into digital. So, we wanted to share a modern concept of money. E-wallet, digital marketing, how to market yourself out there. That’s part of innovating yourself, right? Those are new skill sets.”

FWD believes in giving people the right tools to make learning about financial literacy easier and more fun. Just like how it is with adulting, all these options and resources can be overwhelming. But you don’t have to worry. FWD has you covered. Why? Because we’re serving up all our financial hacks to you in bite-size and practical nuggets of wisdom.

FWD is changing the game yet again

This time, we’re doing it via a gameshow! As the first financial literacy gameshow in the country, Pinoy Money Master is designed to make financial literacy easier to understand and remember. FWD's Senior Manager for Brand Strategy and Growth Marketing, Niño Anglo, has this to say, "It's all about making accessible, fun, educational, and engaging digital content, rooted in Filipino culture."

Not only do we have a lot of fun challenges in store for you, but we also have practical advice from successful influencers. They’ll share some tips and tricks on how they manage their finances while doing their own gigs and more! We promise that you will be wheezing with laughter while remembering a ton of financial hacks by the end of every episode.

So, are you just as excited as we are about this upcoming show? Then mark your calendars on September 6, 2023! You can also get a chance to win amazing prizes. It’s time to play.