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5 Things You Must Save Up for Before Turning 30

In just a few years, you’d be turning 30. What do you have to show for? A car? Hmmm… Your own condo? Hmmm… All the latest gadgets? Well… Time to wise up. Here’s a checklist of everything you need before you turn 30. How many of them are you already saving up for?

It’s not wrong to enjoy your 20s. But that does not mean, too, that you’ll forget the essentials. So learn to budget and only spend your extras. Here’s a checklist of all the things you need before you turn 30. How many of these are you already saving up for now?

1 Master’s Degree / Another Degree

Take up a new course or go on further studies. This will help you update your skills and learn more about your field. Having another degree will also help you land a higher position. So start saving up and invest in yourself.

2 Your Own Pad

No, we’re not asking you to save up for the latest iPad. Ideally, you should already have your own house or condo by the time you turn 30. So instead of hoarding all the latest gadgets, buy a condo and make the monthly payments. There are a lot of condos right now that offer in-house financing.

3 A once-in-a-lifetime trip

Traveling is not a luxury but a way to expand your horizons and learn about the world. It’s a good experience to have. So set your sights to a country (or countries)—the Caribbean, Europe, Asia—and start saving up and monitoring budget fare offers. Before you turn 30, you should have at least visited five countries.

4 Financial Security

You’re young. You’re energetic. You have the world at your feet. But it won’t always be like that. What happens when you can no longer work? What happens when you get old? Prepare for your future now when you still can. Invest in financial products like UITFs, bonds, and even stocks. Get a life and health insurance. Securing your life now will help you live with less worries in the future. FWD Life’s products actually offers both protection and investment. 

5 Future Family

If you see yourself with a family of your own someday, now is the time to start saving. Think about wedding expenses, hospital bills, and educational plans and go open a bank account.