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Find Your Purpose Through Meaningful Work

Are you still waiting for that special calling? Find out how these inspiring people found a deeper purpose by helping themselves and others as well.

We are always looking for something to give our lives meaning. This includes finding a career that suits you as well as pushing you to reach for your life goals. In the Philippines, we work not just for ourselves but our families as well. For Filipinos, familial ties are sacred, and each member strives to lift their family through hard work and generosity of spirit.


Watch the story of Bonnie Gonzales today.

Bonnie Gonzales is the eldest of eight children and has gladly made countless sacrifices to help her parents and her siblings. Through hard work and dedication, Bonnie was able to secure her family’s financial future, providing a stable, happy life for all. “I told myself from a very young age that I will be there to help my parents and my siblings no matter what.”


Watch the story of Sheila Nunag today.

When Shiela Nunag was widowed suddenly, she thought that her life was over. But she found safety and security in the plans she and her husband set up for their family. Her experiences spurred her on, advocating financial health and security for her clients. “Can you imagine, yung month na nawala ang asawa ko, that was my best month sa agency ko. Yung advocacy ko to help people and secure people and make people realize the value of saving and protection, nag-iba eh.”


Watch the story of Bonet Madayag today.

Instead of breaking up their marriage, the marital challenges Bonet Madayag and her late husband Milky experienced only strengthened their love. As a financial advisor, Bonet uses that experience today to help couples with their marriage, guiding them to find joy and financial freedom. “Financial security is very important sa couples and sa families. Mas nae-enjoy ninyo ang life to the fullest when you are financially stable and secure.”

The trials and tribulations Shiela, Bonnie, and Bonet have faced helped shape them into the women they are today: confident, assured, loving, and financially savvy. These women found that taking care of their families and loved ones could be achieved by finding financial freedom. In their work as financial advisors for FWD, they found purpose and drive.

Watch the story of Sherem Lumeran and Marlon Lopez today.

When Typhoon Yolanda devastated Tacloban, Sherem Lumeran and everyone in their province had to start from ground up. And it made them realize how important it is to have insurance and how it can help you rebuild your life. “Naging eye-opener ang Yolanda na kailangan natin ng insurance if something happens to us.” This is the lesson that Sherem and partner Marlon Lopez are espousing as they help people, especially Taclobanons, learn the value of insurance and prepare for the unexpected.


Watch the story of Russ Juson today.

As much as financial stability is a principal goal of many, it isn’t solely about earning more or achieving success. Russ Juson thought that validation was found only through money and accomplishments but he felt no fulfillment in his work. It was only when he became an FWD financial advisor that he found a career that gave him a feeling of purpose. “It’s transforming lives so they can transform other people. Is it only about money? No. It’s also about freedom. We craft financial freedom for them simply because of the work we do as financial wealth planners.”

In FWD, we celebrate purpose. A career as a financial advisor offers great economic potential, giving you the freedom to live your dream life. As our advisors help their clients secure financial freedom and celebrate life with fewer worries, they also create a stronger financial foundation for their own families.

Overseas Filipino Workers know better than any other group how important it is to care for your family’s welfare. Though distance physically separates an OFW from their families, they find peace knowing that the work they do directly contributes to maintaining a happy and stable family life back in the Philippines. But sometimes the pain of being away from your loved ones is too much for the heart to bear.


Watch the story of Raymond Ilagan today.

Raymond Ilagan left a lucrative job in Singapore to return to the Philippines with his family and begin a new life with a better work-time balance. “I want[ed] to have a more comfortable life with my family…to have less pressure [and] at the same time, mas madami yung time na binibigay namin ni misis sa mga kids.


Watch the story of Chicoy Estiňoso today.

Chicoy Estiñoso grew up in an OFW family and sought to break the generational pattern and belief that he could only succeed abroad. It’s really [about] transforming lives so they can transform other people. Is it only about money? No. It’s also about freedom.” Now, he introduces clients to opportunities that can help them become financially independent and triumphant here in our own country. There are opportunities for us here, kumbaga second option na lang yung pag-a-abroad. It’s always a challenge to break old belief systems.”

May the stories of our financial advisors inspire you to go beyond what hinders you and to have the courage to live up to your passion and purpose.

The financial success that our advisors reap gives them the freedom to enjoy and celebrate life. These advisors will tell you that it’s not just about gaining financial stability for themselves, but they also ensure that their clients discover the value of financial planning and security. Through the passion of our advisors, we can help our customers achieve better protected and happier lives.

Watch the inspiring stories of our financial advisors and discover how financial planning can help you celebrate living.