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5 lessons female entrepreneurs can learn from Wonder Woman

Female entrepreneurs are independent thinkers, purposeful in their actions, and have a clear vision of what they want to achieve in life. They become the change they want to see in this world.

By Marella Castro

As a little girl, did you ever dream of becoming Wonder Woman when you grew up? If you became a female entrepreneur, you’re pretty close.

Find out what characteristics you have in common with the princess of Themyscira—and unleash your inner superheroine! It’s about time girls had a female superhero they can emulate in real life.

Otherwise known as Diana Prince, Wonder Woman is without question a woman of strength, compassion, and feminine prowess. Had Diana been born a normal human, she’d probably be an entrepreneur, too.

Here’s why:

1. She’s a warrior.

Wonder Woman’s strength did not come out of nowhere. She started her training as a little girl until she was the fiercest Amazon in Themyscira. Whenever she is knocked down, her mentor and aunt Antiope would tell her: “You are stronger than this, Diana!” Then she gets up and tries again.

Female entrepreneurs have the same habits and fighting spirit. They understand that the path to success is paved with hardship, and that nothing great comes easy. They take every day as an opportunity to hone their skills. So, when the opportunity presents itself, they are ready.

2. She doesn’t let anyone else define her.

Wonder Woman is no damsel in distress. She doesn’t let anyone define who she is. Not her mother, not the soldiers on the battlefield—heck, not even the God of War. She doesn’t shy away from showing her authentic self in the face of society with very limiting standards for women. She decides where to go, what to wear, what to believe, and which battles to fight. And she does it with flair.

In the same way, female entrepreneurs are fiercely independent. They reject the stereotypes in the workplace that put them in a box labeling them weak or too emotional. Women are nurturing yet headstrong. In whatever they do, their personality shines.

3. She is a woman with a mission.

Diana was raised knowing the Amazonian history and their purpose in the world of man. She knows she must fight and despite the dangers, she embraces every mission for the greater good. Likewise, female entrepreneurs have a clear vision of what they want to achieve in life. They become the change they want to see in this world. By being purposeful in their actions, they give back to their communities through the advocacies they support. These women, both fictional and real, don’t wait for permission to do what is right.

4. She evolves with the times.

Let’s admit it: Diana was a sheltered kid. But that didn’t stop her childlike curiosity and thirst for seeking truth. She isn’t afraid to change strategies when she realizes she’s going the wrong way. Remember that time in Batman Vs. Superman when Bruce Wayne discovers her in historical photos? Let’s just say she might have gone undetected if not for her age-defying good looks, but we’re not holding that against her.

Every female entrepreneur worth her salt knows that you need to adapt to survive. They don’t see change as an obstacle but as an opportunity. They stay updated with the tools of the trade and develop better ways to thrive.

5. Her most powerful weapon is her heart.

Unlike her male counterparts who are deathly afraid of wearing their hearts on their sleeves, Wonder Woman is not afraid to feel vulnerable. Far from being a weakness, it is her greatest strength. It is also her source of wisdom, by which she realizes that the real enemy is not something any superhero can defeat. It is up to mankind to choose their own path just as she did hers.

Women entrepreneurs lead with their hearts as well. They value people for who they are, beyond their titles and merits. With it they are able to inspire and unite others to work toward a common goal. The power of love uncovers truths that enable them to be the great leaders they are.

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