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We all have a romantic idea of growing old, overcoming illness and enjoying our twilight years. Whether that’s going on big trips out of town or a spontaneous street dance with the one you love, Set for Health lets you make your move and enjoy life’s big and small moments.

So... What does it do?

  • Claim up to 3x - Finally! You've got a plan that doesn't just stop when you make a claim for critical illness. Set for Health allows you to claim up to 3x against major critical illnesses.

  • Future Premium Payments Waiver - If you get diagnosed with your first major critical illness, we're waiving future premium payments so you don't have to worry about paying for your plan during recovery and you can focus on what matters most—being well again.

  • 100% Premium Payments Back - Set for Health rewards you with 100% of all your premium payments back if you don't claim for any major critical illness until the age of 75.

  • Additional 20% Plan Coverage - Set for Health also covers 15 minor critical illnesses. So, we're giving you 20% on top of your other benefits to help you with the smaller medical expenses.

  • 100% of Your Coverage at Death - In case of death before age 75, we will look after your family by giving them 100% of your plan's coverage amount so they can be financially worry-free.

  • Flexible Payment Terms - Set for Health covers you up to age 75, with our flexible payment terms that give you the choice and convenience of 5-year, 10-year, or 20-year options.

Exclusions may apply including pre-existing conditions. Refer to the sales illustration for a list of exclusions.

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