Involved in an office relationship? Here are Things to Keep in Mind

Office romance is complicated as it is without covering all the avenues. If you really want to defy the odds and get involved with a co-worker, here are some of the things you need to keep in mind. 

Starting a relationship with a co-worker can be bad news. It can affect your work especially when the relationship goes south. It’s also hard to work closely with someone you are in a relationship with because personal affairs oftentimes mix with professional work. Still, it’s your choice. But before you plunge head on to an office relationship, make sure you have all these points covered.  

Check the company rules

Although most offices would not frown upon office romances, it will be good to find out for sure. Check your employee handbook or better yet, talk to HR.

Separate Office and Personal Time

Don’t be the person who brings relationship issues to the office. Arguments should be settled during your private time and whatever issues you have with each other should not affect your performance inside the workplace.

Be Aware of the Other Person’s Work Responsibilities

Be considerate of your new partner’s schedule and position at work. It is no good booking a movie date for 6 o’clock when you know that he have to stay in until 8 o’clock to meet a deadline or finish a presentation. Consult each other about your schedules and adjust accordingly.

Tone Down the PDA While Inside Office Premises

Public displays of affection are awkward enough in malls or public transportation, but walking into co-workers locking lips in the office pantry is just a bit much for some people. Be professional and keep the PDA for after-office hours or better yet, in the privacy of your own homes.

Be Discreet

We understand the giddy high you are feeling right now but keep in mind that not all stories about your new beau can or should be shared with other people at work. There’s no need to regale them with every detail of your weekend getaway. Your partner may not want these details shared, and your office mates may not appreciate the burden of having to nod and smile at every single story you bring up first thing Monday morning and every succeeding hour thereafter. You’re happy, we get it. Now let everyone else get back to being productive employees.

Remember That There’s Still Work to Be Done

Don’t be that person who suddenly cannot be depended on to do their job because they suddenly have a love life. Not only is it unprofessional, it is also a major headache for your co-workers who have to pick up the slack for your sudden dreamy-eyed incompetence.