5 Ways to Earn Extra When You Already Have a Day Job!

There goes seeing Chris Martin in the flesh. With your current pay grade, you won’t be hearing a peep of Coldplay’s greatest hits, live and up close, in your lifetime. Well, you still have a month to work for it. Here are a couple of side gigs you can do alongside your day job.

Whether you’re saving up for the future or for that front row seat at the Coldplay concert this April, making extra money is a smart way to achieve your financial goals fast. Just choose the ones with flexible work schedules so you can work while still keeping your day job. Here are some suggestions.  

1. Writing or blogging

Get paid by writing on a topic you’re passionate about! You can start by launching your own blog about your recent travels or reviews of restos you’ve tried or critiques of that a book or movie. Check out writing sites like Upwork, Freelancer, and essays.ph for writing opportunities.

2. Uber or Grab

A lot of Pinoys are seizing this new and fast-growing opportunity by the bullhorn. Imagine, driving your own car for an hour or two a day can already earn you extra. You can even get passengers heading off to your place of work, thus covering your gasoline. No-brainer way to earn extra, right?

3. Private Tutoring

Tutorial services pay a lot, especially when you teach subjects like Mathematics and Science. But tutoring is not just confined in school subjects. You can also offer your skills and knowledge as a fitness instructor, dance tutor, or a voice coach.

4.  Photography

If you have a good eye for photography, a decent camera, and mad photoediting skills, then you can earn extra income providing photo coverage or doing photo shoots. You can sell photos to stock photography websites or offer your services in events like birthdays or weddings. How to start? By taking photos and building your portfolio!

5. Decluttering

Selling off your old items will not only create more space in your place, it can also help you earn extra income! Sell through websites like Olx, eBay, Craigslist, and even via personal social media accounts like Instagram or Facebook.