Must-try Maternity Shoot Themes

Nowadays, a baby bump is #feedgoals for moms-to-be. Well, it will indeed be “goals” if done right. Flaunt that gorgeous bump with these stunning maternity shoot themes.

These days, everything is documented. From the time you take your coffee to your morning commute. Is it any wonder that big occasions are being documented as well?

Maternity shoots, for instance, are quite in demand with pregnant women scrambling to get their baby bumps on the cover of their social media accounts. Here are some of the most popular themes being used. Which one do you think will give you instant #feedgoals?

The Silhouette 

This is the best way to show off your beautiful curves without necessarily exposing a lot of skin. Moms who are a bit shy or those who are not comfortable in front of the camera usually go for this theme. When done right, your picture can have an artsy, dramatic flair.

Home Sweet Home

No need for fancy props or extra funds with this kind of maternity shoot. You just need your favorite outfit, a nice backdrop, and your baby bump. Slay it with simplicity.

All for one, one for all 

Let the whole family share and show their love for that little ball of life inside you. It’ll be a nice family picture.

Bump Ahead

Go the non-traditional way with a quirky outside shoot like this. You can plan it yourself so it would have your own personal stamp to it and show your personality.

Bare belly

Go nude and slay your maternity shoot in your most humble outfit, your bare self. This one’s a classic. Unfortunately, not all moms-to-be have the guts to do it.