Weekend Destination Spots in Manila

Where to go over the weekend when you need a break but you can’t have a long one? Try these cool places here in Metro Manila. 

"Officials of the Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center noted that some three to four cases of lung cancer and at least 10 cases of liver cancer a month are confirmed monthly. Also 75 percent of the country's cancer patients are of age under 50," FWD Life insurance chief executive officer and president Peter Grimes said during a recent visit in the city.

According to Grimes, this data urged their company to build a product that will allow those insured cancer patients to be treated continuously.

"We know that treating cancer cost a lot of money, but if you are insured with the cancer fight plan that we have, need not worry you just go to a treatment center and your insurance pays for you," Grimes added.

The Fight Plan of FWD covers all the early detection of cancer and treatment cost expenses of their insured clients.

"This is the only plan in the country that covers all types of cancer. Our end-view for this product is simply that no form of cancer should be excluded, because even early detection treatments can cost real money and can pose financial burden to Filipinos," Grimes said.

FWD Life Insurance Corporation (FWD Life), which was launched in September 2014 in the country, is a business insurance arm of Pacific Century Group and the first insurance company to be licensed under the new Insurance Code.


News Source: Sunstar