Apartment or Condo? Know What Suits You

Torn between getting an apartment or a condominium? Here’s a quick guide to help you decide.

Finding the perfect place to call home is not an easy task. It is not just the expense that you have to consider. Also the location, the amenities and the convenience that it offers.

When it comes to choosing between an apartment and a condo, your choice will depend on your needs and your situation. Do you need accessibility? Are amenities like swimming pool and gym something you require? Do you have the budget?


These days, this is one commodity that everyone looks for in a house. What with people spending up to six hours on the road, through Manila traffic, just to get home. Often, condominiums are more accessible as they are strategically built beside major train stations and main roads. Of course, it still depends on the location and where you need to be. For instance, an apartment a few minutes’ walk away from your office will always be better than a condo right beside the MRT.


Apartments are traditionally bigger than condo units. Some condo will even have provisions for a separate room unlike most studio condo units that have no partition. Apartments will also have provisions for parking and maybe even a small garden. If you want the space or if you will be living with someone else, an apartment may be a better option.


Because of its amenities, condo units offer more convenience. Most condos have jogging paths, gyms, and pool area. This is an expense that you don’t need to think of as it is already provided by your home.


Stand-alone apartments won’t have the same security as opposed to an apartment building or a condo. If you want the additional safety net of a day and night guard, go for places that have round-the-clock security.


While condo units have parking spaces, you often need to pay an extra fee to either rent or buy a space. Thus, often, people who have cars opt for apartments which often have parking spaces or a small garage.