8 Things You Should Do When Withdrawing Money From the ATM

Payday is almost near. And so do unsavory individuals who want to rob you off your month’s work. Here are safety reminders when withdrawing your salary from the ATM. Are you doing any of them? 

Most companies now release salaries through ATM. This is deemed safer to both the company and employees since transfers are electronic and no cash is given. But thieves are more sophisticated now. They employ various tactics that the overcomplacent can easily fall for. Here are ATM safety tips that you should always remember. 

1. Wisely choose the where and when 
The timing and the place where you withdraw will either help make you safe or endanger you. Schedule your withdrawal to those times when you’d be in a secure place afterward and do it in a safe environment. Example, withdraw when you are about to take the MRT, drop by the ATM inside the connecting mall or withdraw at the ATM machine inside your office building. If you can transact inside the bank, much better. 

2. Safety first before fees 
Some people opt for ATM machines that are far from their office buildings or houses because they do not want to pay the service fee when they withdraw from another bank’s ATM. Don’t. You’re sacrificing safety over small fees. Surely, a 10 to 15-peso fee isn’t too much? Just forgo the Venti and get Grande for the day.

3. Don’t withdraw on payday
As much as you can, don’t withdraw on the 15th or 30th (or whatever date payday falls). Withdraw two days after. Thieves know when people have money and they will be ready to pounce.   

4. Have somebody with you.
Take somebody with you when you withdraw—a trusted coworker, a relative, a friend. Two people are less of a target compared to an individual.  
5. Be conscious of the surrounding.
Be alert. When entering and coming out of a bank or transacting in the ATM machine, look around and scout for suspicious-looking characters or behavior. When withdrawing, cover the ATM with your body so people won’t be able to see your hands or the amount of money you withdrew. Even after leaving the ATM machine, be conscious of people around you. If you feel someone is following you, go to a public, well-lit place and make a stop. 

6. Check your balance and get your withdrawal slip. 
Make it a habit to inquire your balance first before you withdraw so you can compare the receipts. Always get the receipts and keep them for record purposes.  

7. Immediately put withdrawn money inside your bag and count it before leaving the ATM
Never presume that the money you get from the ATM is correct. Always count your money but don’t do it in public. When withdrawing, put the money inside the bag and count the bills before you leave. Do not count it as you leave the ATM. You should never let people see just how much you withdrew.  

8. Keep the balance in the ATMs you carry every day small 
It is sometimes a good idea to have an alternative card aside from your salary ATM. That way, you can keep all your money in one ATM and put a small amount for your everyday needs in the other.  Carrying ATM cards with a huge balance can be dangerous since thieves sometimes keep people for days so they can withdraw all their money from one account