8 Instagram Worthy Halloween Costume Ideas

Why downgrade your IG game this Halloween when you can so easily rock those snaps? Check out these Trick-Or-Treat costume ideas that will surely give your feed the double taps and loves!

Halloween is the perfect season for you to be who you wanna be. So go ahead, dress up, and fill your social media accounts with selfies and groufies. Here are eight costume ideas guaranteed to give your followers feed-envy.

1.  Your favorite celebrity 

A guaranteed way to easily look glam on Halloween and get likes is to dress up as your favorite celebrity. Grab a look from Instagram moguls and selfie royalties like the Kardashians or copy the iconic look of a pop star. It’s easy. Not so expensive. And effective in ramping up those likes!

2. Your favorite show/movie character

Another safe but really effective way to wow your IG followers with your Halloween outfit is to dress up like your favorite character from a show, a movie, or a book.

3. Snapchat filters 

Snapchat filters aren’t only made for Snapchat! Take your Instagram game up a notch this Halloween with a selfie-perfect DIY snapchat filter costume.

4. Food

This can be a bit tricky but if you get it right, you’re guaranteed instantaneous likes. Stick to food that translates well in costumes like a cake or a cotton candy. Avoid messy looking, out-of-proportion or gross-looking food. Make it elegant but sassy!

5. Glammed creeper

If you are not good with putting together a costume but a genius at makeup, then go with what you do best. Glam it up this Halloween with a creepy but still beautiful face. Dress up in your best party dress or channel one of those Monster High dolls. Or use makeup to transform you into a Lestat The key: Scary Beautiful.

6. Dress up with the squad

The more, the merrier. This is perhaps the easiest and most effective Halloween costume stunt to pull off. Dress to match with your friends and hit the party halls together. You’d have twice, thrice the impact and the fun. Besides, a simple costume multiplied by three, five, or ten simply shouts #SquadGoals no matter how bad it looks.

7. Sexy zombie

You don’t need to be the zombie who will get people running for their lives. Your version can look bloodthirsty and yet have that sexy air of mystery. With the right makeup and outfit, you can definitely stand out from all the dead, the undead, and the live ones as well.

8. Animal

Think “cute” or “fierce,” never in between. Do that and you’re good to go. When it comes to dressing like your favorite animal, make sure that you commit to either polar opposites—ferocious or flirty. Straddling the middle ground will just make you well, an animal.