8 Birthday Party Restos for Older Kids

Looking for the perfect venue to celebrate your child’s upcoming birthday? Here are fun places you can hold it in. 

Okay. So you’ve already held your kid’s birthday party in fast food chains for the last five years. Granted, it’s pretty convenient but it’s the same thing year after year. Besides, while it may work for a five or six-year-old, older kids may find it too childish.

Check out these nice restos where you can hold your party in. All have that fun, adult vibe that is just perfect for your young misters and missus.

Recovery Food

Located at Taguig and in Mall of Asia, this place is popular among adults who want comfort food before or after a night out. But the food served here are also familiar to little kids. Its interior also has a fun vibe, which is perfect for a birthday party. 

Dyce N’ Dyne

Along the bustling Pasig Boulevard is a hidden gem for kids and kids at heart. It has an extensive menu that your young misters will love like burgers, nachos, and fries. Their drinks are served in fun, beaker-like containers like you’re in an experiment. They also have a massive collection of board games that kids will find pretty interesting. Who knows, they might even like it more than their video games!

Brick Burger

This Lego-themed fast food restaurant in Pasig is perfect for birthday parties. It has a fun interior and the food will surely wow the little kids! Where else can you find Lego-shaped burgers? Nice! Even the adults would want one!

Snacks and Ladders

This is another eat-and-play themed restaurant in Maginhawa, Quezon City offers comfort food like burgers and chips. It has massive space and fun furniture pieces that will be good for a party. Oh and did we mention that it has a huge collection of game boards? Your welcome!

Amo Yamie Crib

This dessert shop is a showstopper with its crazy interior! Instead of your typical tables and chairs, you’ll dine inside a cozy crib. If you want to impress your child’s friends, this is the place for you. They have five branches, three of which are in Metro Manila—España, Mendiola, and Katipunan.


Your little girl will love Stacy’s feminine interiors with its pastel color scheme and delicate, wooden chairs. Even its food are perfectly designed and plated. Definitely a good place to hold a party for a little princess.


This French restaurant in San Juan is a crowd-pleaser because of its colorful interior and fancy menu. The space is also quite flexible so you can have fun with the decorations.

Artsy Café

This well-designed spacious café could be the venue you’re looking for. It’s not only a feast for the eyes but also a feast for the tummy with their perfectly crafted comfort foods and desserts.