Secrets to Hollywood Worthy Post Baby Bod

Just a few months after giving birth, Hollywood A-listers debut their unbelievably slim post-baby bod. Seriously, how do they do it? We’ll let you in on some of their secrets. 

One of the hardest goals to accomplish is getting back in shape after pregnancy. Most women gain weight while carrying their babies and it’s doubly hard to lose those weight (and the flabs) afterwards. But while it is indeed difficult, it is not impossible. Just looking at Hollywood A-listers like Angelina Jolie, Kate Middleton, and even Kim Kardashian is enough to make you a believer. But how the hell did they do it? Here are a few of their secrets.


Believe it or not, no expensive celebrity workout can match the rate at which breastfeeding can get rid of those unwanted pounds. This is, by far, the fastest route to that slim post-baby body you’re aiming for. Breastfeeding will help you burn a lot of calories.

Wrap it up

Another method that women an even doctors swear by are waist binders and girdles. Although this will not essentially make you lose weight, it will help keep your skin firm after giving birth. One of the problems that women encounter post-pregnancy is loose skin and sagging belly. A waist binder will help you keep that in check while you lose the pounds.


While this is pretty effective, not every mom can do workouts right off the bat. Some may need to take it slow and just start off with simple cardio exercises before they can sign for more rigorous routines. Before you do anything physically taxing, consult with your doctor.

Keep a healthy diet

Seeing all the weight you gained, most women will go on a crash diet. Don't! Remember that your body is still recovering from pregnancy and depriving yourself with the proper nutrients may cause your body to crash. Before you create your own diet, consult with your doctor. A nutritionist will also be able to help you plan meals that will make you lose weight without sacrificing your health.


Ironic as it is, getting a lot of rest and sleep will help you get back in shape. When you’re not exerting too much energy, you tend to feel less hungry.

Bond with your baby

Spending time playing with your baby will help you shed off the extra calories. So carry them or take them out for long walks. Play with them. These are the most fulfilling “exercise routines” you’ll ever sign up for.