6 Ways Not To Overspend This Coming Holiday Season

It’s so easy to overspend this Christmas. After all, you have every excuse—bonus, gifts, celebrations. But are they good enough reasons to greet the New Year bankrupt? Na ah. 

Gifts. Parties. Out-of-town trips. There is so much things that you need to spend on this holiday season. But do you really have to spend it all (and spend more than your all) just to get into the spirit of Christmas and New Year?  We don’t think so. With careful planning and prudent spending, you can actually be able to save some of that bonus. Here’s how.

1. Take advantage of sale.
A month before Christmas, retail shops will sell their stocks at discounted price in anticipation of the holiday collection. Take advantage of the huge deals and shop for all your holiday needs—outfits for parties, gifts for inaanaks and friends. 

2. Book early.
December is a peak season for traveling and hotel stays. Book your airfare or transportation and hotel accommodation when the prices are still not at their highest. If you can do it one year in advance, all the better. The earlier you book, the better. Some airlines offer good rates for those who book early. 

3. Do away with the fancy. 
Why would you buy expensive wrappers when they will be torn off anyway? It’s a waste of money. Do away with the ribbons and the gift cards, too. Instead, use recycled materials like magazine paper or even wrappers that came from gifts you received yourself. Just remember to open them carefully so you can still reuse the gift wrapper. 

4. Organize a swapping party.
Admit it. We’ve all received gifts that we have not been able to use. Instead of letting them rot deep in your closet, why not swap them for something that you’d be able to use or gift someone else? Organize a swapping party with some of your friends and check for items that you can give to each other and to other people in your Christmas lists. 

5. Go for potluck. 
Just because noche buena is being done in your home does not mean you will be shouldering all the costs. Ask relatives to pitch in or to bring food. Maybe each of them can bring their own specialties? 

6. Have a budget and stick to it. 
Allot a portion of your bonus, say 70 percent, for all your Christmas spendings and save the rest. The trick here is meeting that budget. Having a gift list with corresponding amount for each person will help you stick to your goal. You can also set a limit on how much you will be spending for your outfits and also for your Christmas and New Year celebrations.