6 Tips for Cheap Road Trips

Got any plans for the (long) weekend? Why not go on a road trip to the South? Stop wondering, start wandering! Check out these budget-friendly trips!

Yes. A fun but inexpensive getaway is possible. It’s all in the planning and the scrimping!

1. Go local. Once you know where you are going, start googling. Look for local tourist spots and accredited tour services. In Laguna, there are great museums you can visit like Rice World Museum in Los Baños or the Rizal Shrine in Calamba. Or, reach out to a friend who lives there and get some free advice and referrals. Your friend might even tour you herself!

2. Bring your own snacks. Plan a picnic and look for possible places where you can go. With it’s scenic view and cool weather, Tagaytay’s Picnic Grove is a good spot for that picnic.

3. Go on groups. Go out with your best buds and share the expenses like gas, toll, and accommodation. Here are fun suggestions. Pack your swimwear and head to the beach!  Try Malabrigo Point in Batangas or Cagbalete Island in Quezon. Or you can join fiestas like Quezon’s Pahiyas festival every May 15, or Batangas’ yummy Lechon Parade and Basaan Festival.

4. Take advantage of discounts. Check online for the best deals. There are establishments that offer discounts and good deals to tourists. You can also download rewards app Orange World in Google Play and App Store (http://www.orangeworld.com.ph/) and check out the travel deals there. 

5. Do free activities. Why pay when you can get a tour for free. Go church-hopping in Lipa and Taal. Or head to Calatagan in Batangas to relax. 

6. Camp out. Why pay for a room when camping out is so much fun! Look for a place where you can park and make a bonfire like Burot Beach in Batangas. Scare each other with ghost encounters or have an impromptu jam session.