5 Ways To Fix a Relationship That Is On the Rocks

Sometimes you need to get stuck in order to be reminded of the things that really matter.  Relationships don’t get into trouble overnight. It may be that you’ve been taking your partner for granted. Or your significant other has a tendency to clam up to avoid confrontation.  View things positively and see this time as a chance to reboot and refresh.  Here are five tips to help you work through this tough period in your relationship.

1. Have The Talk 

You can’t fix something until you admit that it needs fixing. So have that “talk.” Let your guard down and really listen to what your partner has to say. Pride has no place in a relationship. Discuss what you feel about the situation and commit to solving the problem. Make sure to use phrases like “I feel…” instead of “You are…” which can sound accusatory. 

2. Create Bonding Moments

When was the last time you did something together? Maybe you’ve always wanted to visit Batanes or your partner has been thinking of taking up biking as a sport. Go for it. New shared experiences and bonding moments are key to getting back that loving feeling. Make time for each other. Value each other. Something as simple as making a nightly habit of telling each other how your day went can rejuvenate the relationship.  

3. Prioritize Your Relationship

Yes, you want that promotion but that means working extra hours and sacrificing quality time together. Or, the baby needs your time but that means you’re exhausted every day. You can still do all these things without sacrificing your relationship. You just need to know your priorities.

4. Compromise = I Love You  

He wants to play basketball with the boys one night a week. Let him. She wants you to put down the toilet seat after using. Do it. Let each other know that what is important to each of you is worth letting your ego go.

5. Begin Again   

Remember the time when you’ve just started the relationship. Wasn’t it easier then to say “I’m sorry”? Treat your partner the way you did when you were just dating. Text cheesy quotes and thoughtful queries like “kumain ka na ba?” Work at making each other feel special again and before you know it, that bumpy ride will just be part of the things you’ll laugh about when you’re alone… together.