5 Ways to Deal With Your Ex If You Work Together

Heartbreaks are hard enough as they are to move on from without having to see your Ex every day at the workplace. Between nursing your broken heart (or ego) and just trying to get on with your life, there’s really no room for extra baggage. 

You’ve had “the talk,” moved back to your old place, divvied up possessions and friends, but one thing remains to be negotiated—the workplace. If you’re dealing with the repercussions of having to work with an Ex and not quite sure how to navigate the post-breakup office landscape, here are some tips that may make your days a little easier.

1.    1. Agree to Keep Things Professional

Remove unnecessary tension by agreeing to certain ground rules in the office. This will benefit not only you and your Ex, but your coworkers as well. People know it is business as usual and nobody has to walk on eggshells around you. When your Ex approaches you with a question, do your best to address the query and then calmly carry on with your day.

2.    2. Stop Entertaining the Gossipmongers

There is a time and place to vent and moan about the death of the relationship. The office is not one of those places. As tempting as it is, do not give Steph from marketing the low down on why you decided to call it quits. Everyone will be asking for details and a few rumors will be spreading but ignoring them will shut them down. If someone asks about the break-up, politely tell them that you’d rather not discuss it and then change the topic.

3.    3. Create a New Routine

You won’t be able to avoid your Ex 100% of the time, but set your work schedule so there will be minimal interaction. Do this at least in the early days when emotions are still quite raw. If you used to take all your breaks together in the past, adjust yours to start slightly earlier or later. If your office works in shifts, request for a different start time for the next quarter.

4.    4. Concentrate On Work

This is the time to bring your ‘A Game’ to work. A failed relationship should never derail you from reaching any career goals you have lined up. In fact, this is the time to focus all your energy on your current projects and impressing both your bosses and clients!

5. File for a Transfer
If working in the same office is proving to be extremely difficult for you, but you do not want to resign, look into filing for a transfer. If your company has several locations throughout the region and your position allows for it, a transfer could be the option that will work best for you. Who knows, the new geographic location can be the fresh start you need!