5 Breathtaking Views That’ll Make You Want to Pack Those Bags

Still got vacation leave credits? Use them now or, believe us, you’ll never get to use them, ever! Stop procrastinating and just get going! Here are a few of the most magnificent views you’ll be missing out on when you don’t pack those bags. 

Still waiting for that you’re-stupid-if-you-don’t reason to leave your desk, pack your bags, and travel? Maybe these five beautiful places—just a few hours from Manila—will finally convince you. Take note, you won’t even need to travel by plane to get to most of them!


Tagaytay is every city person’s favorite getaway. You will be spoiled with beautiful panoramic views. The air is fresh. The food are great. The atmosphere is relaxing. And most of all, it’s just a couple of hours away. Going to Makati from Quezon City during rush hour may even take you longer!

Photo from www.tanay.gov.ph


The cliffs of Tanay are home to untainted panoramic views that will instantly inspire feed-envy among your friends. Visit the Tanay’s Church and check out its old architecture and beautiful statues. There are a lot of hidden gems in the city, just waiting to be discovered.  

Photo by Jojo Nicdao, https://www.flickr.com/photos/jonicdao/


Another wonder in the city of Rizal is Antipolo. It offers a grand view of its neighboring cities’ night skies. It is also a perfect place to catch the sun rise and fall over the bustling city below. Aside from the good view, it is also houses museums and waterparks perfect for every traveler.


This province in the CALABARZON region is home to some of the country’s most beautiful beaches. Swim in its pristine beaches and witness one of the country’s most beautiful sunsets.


Home of the famous Chocolate Hills, this is one landscape that you can’t take a bad photo of. It’s that beautiful. The hike to the top can be tiring but with a view such as this, who would say no?