5 Things to Do on Long Weekend Vacations

Long weekend coming up soon? Whether it’s just you enjoying the extended time at home or exploring other parts of the Philippines with your friends, that extra day of vacation is a great time to recharge and chillax.

With nine long weekends scheduled for the rest of 2017, make the most out of your extra days off from work with these ideas!

Everyone loves long weekends because there’s more time to indulge in doing the things you love. With at least nine long weekends to come this year, it is definitely something busy Pinoys can look forward to.

In case you are unable to come up with ways to fill in the hours on your own, here are five activities for you to try.

1. Revisit Old Board Games

If nothing’s good on TV, why not pull out those old game boards—Snakes and Ladders, Cluedo, Monopoly, etc—from that box in the attic and play with your family or friends. If you want an activity that is free from any use of technology, board games are for you.

2. Go Camping

If you’re a nature lover, you can head out to camping sites in Zambales. Hike going to Anawangin or Nagsasa cove. Or, if roughing it isn’t your thing, have a posh and private getaway through glamping (glamorous camping). Batangas and Zambales have resorts that offer glamping at reasonable rates.

3. Hit the Beach!

If you’re a beach person and enjoy nonstop partying, Boracay’s Labor Day weekend is perfect for you. Thanks to LaBoracay, you and the gang can enjoy not only the island’s white sands, but also its foam parties and EDM concerts. LaBoracay is one of the biggest and wildest beach parties in the Philippines.

4. Head up North!

Want a more peaceful long weekend vacation? Enjoy the scenery of Batanes. It is true that the plane ticket to this beautiful place can be expensive but it will all be worth it. There are many things to do in the northeastern most tip of the archipelago. You can surf and scuba dive in the pristine beaches of Sabtang. Make your way around the rolling hills of Marlboro Country by foot or bicycle. This is a great way to maximize your vacation away from all the stress of city life.

5. Museum Hopping

If you want a little piece of history, head over to the National Museum of the Philippines. Entrance is now free. They have also announced that this year, they will open the National Museum of Natural History.

There are also universities in the metro that have state-of-the-art facilities and museums that are free of charge or have a fee less than P50. If you’re into astronomy, you can visit the newly upgraded National Museum Planetarium. Visitors are able to watch the full dome show for free until April 30. What better way to have fun and learn at the same time.