5 Signs It’s Time To Have Another Child

Want a second child? Don’t forget, it can be expensive and hard. Look at this checklist to know if you’re ready to have another.

Having children is hard but it is also fun and fulfilling. For some couples, one child is not enough. But while having a brood is great, spacing your kids properly is crucial. Having a lot of children can be stressful and expensive, too. Thinking of having one right now? Check if this is the right time.

You are near your 30s.

If you are already in your 30s, better plan another child now. Age is a crucial factor in getting pregnant and in the health of your baby. The younger you are, the better. If, however, you are still in your 20s, you still have the luxury of waiting.

You are financially secure to support another child.

If you’re already struggling to provide the family’s needs, then it will be prudent to wait until you are financially secure. Having another baby is a big commitment. Start managing your finances. Check out the ways you can invest so your money will grow and earn on its own. Check out https://www.fwd.com.ph/en/invest/

Your child or children want another baby.

Adding another member to your family does not only affect you and your partner but also your other children. This is especially true for an only child who might feel left out when a baby comes. So, better consult them and let them in on the plans. It’s also good to time it when they are old enough to understand what’s going on and even to help take care of the kids.

You got the parenting groove.

No parent is perfect. Even those who have a lot of children will tell you that parenting is an endless series of trials and errors. Still, it’ll be good to at least get used to the idea of parenting your children now before taking on another.

Your partner is ready.

Having another child is not just your decision but also your partner’s. So consider, too, your partner’s preference, age, and capabilities. Can he/she support another child? Is he/she healthy?