5 Productive Things Your Kids Can Do This Summer

With your kids at home, summer vacation can be one chaotic time at home. If the kids are feeling restless and you’re already feeling the stress, time to get them busy. Here are five workshops that’ll get your kids out of your hair and productive this summer.

It’s summertime and your kids will probably spend all day watching Netflix and refreshing their newsfeed at home. But summer is all about exploration. Encourage your kids to pick up a new hobby, learn a new skill, or try something they’ve never tried doing before. They can even make new friends along the way. Here are a few workshops your kids might enjoy.

1. Bow and Arrow

Your kids may want to learn their way around a bow and arrow at The Archery Academy Manila. Archery can improve their focus and boost their confidence. Plus, it will be so cool to be an “archer” like Hawkeye or Katniss. 

The Archery Academy Manila

Schedule: 31 March 31 – 3 June 2017. 8 sessions, 2-hour classes each

Workshop fee: PhP 8,500 for New Students, PhP 6,500 for Returning Students

2. Robotics

Scientists predict that in the future, robots will become as common as cars. The First Robotics Learning Center lets kids experience hands-on activities in the field of Robotics. Kids can learn about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics while having loads of fun.

First Robotics Learning Center

For Summer 2017

The Builders’ Paradise – PhP 8,500

Heroes of the Mushroom Kingdom – PhP 9,500

Pocket Monster: Mystery Expedition – PhP 9,000

3. Fashion Design

If your teens are fashion fiends, the fashion design workshops at SoFA Design Institute are perfect for them. She can learn about pattern-making, sewing, and fabric-cutting. They can unleash their inner fashionista and learn how to “make it work.”

SoFA Design Institute

Fashion Construction For Teens

Schedule: April 3 - May 12  | Monday, Wednesday & Friday  |  1:00 - 4:00PM

Workshop Fee: PhP 20,000

4. Photography

Your kids might think their selfie game is on point, but do they know how to take a pretty picture? Basic Photography Workshops let kids make the most out of a point-and-shoot camera. Kids can get familiar with camera functions, filters, and options so they can express themselves more creatively.

Philippine Center for Creative Imaging

Photography for the Young at Art

Schedule: May 10–13

Morning batch: 9:00am to 12:00pm

Afternoon batch: 1:30pm to 4:30pm

Workshop Fee: PhP 5,300

5. Acting

If your kid is a drama queen (or king), he or she will enjoy acting and theater workshops like what PETA is offering to kids of all ages. Let your kids step out of their comfort zones and into the limelight. This will not only help them overcome their shyness, it will also improve their self-esteem and confidence.

PETA Theater Center

Schedule: April – May

Workshop Fee: PhP 11,000