5 #LabanLangBes Ways To Forget Your Ex

Yes. We know. A failed relationship is scads more painful than a triple heart bypass without the anesthesia. (Slow clap for all breakup survivors out there!) But while it’s okay to cry for a week, any longer than that is emotionally draining and frankly, an overkill. So bring out all your resolve and forge on. Here are some tips on how you can move on from an ex. 

1. Cut the Ties

The first step to moving on is acceptance. Accept that the relationship is over and prepare to start anew. That would mean cutting all communications with your ex. Purge your ex from your phone directory, Messenger, and Viber. Keep off social media for a while. It will be hard at the start but you need to cut ties to heal. 

2. Improve Yourself

Post-breakup makeovers may seem superficial but researchers found that it can actually improve your self-confidence and well-being. But don’t just focus on the physical. Use your “single” time to develop new skills. Enroll in a weekend cooking class or learn to play a new musical instrument. You’d have lots of fun and who knows, you might meet someone new.

3. Enjoy The Great Outdoors

Put those outdoor shoes on and explore the hiking trails near the metro. A study found that mood and self-esteem improve with outdoor exercise. With hiking and mountaineering so popular these days, it’ll be a great opportunity to meet new people and commune with nature. 

4. Make New Memories

Book a flight to that exotic locale that you’ve had forever in your bucket list. Try a new extreme sport or start a new hobby. Engaging in new experiences will help create new, happy memories that can replace the heartbreaking ones. 

5. Love Yourself

Failing in a relationship does not mean something is wrong with you. You’re a good catch. So don’t let anyone—especially one as blind and as stupid as your ex—to tell you otherwise! Love and appreciate yourself. Only when you do can someone love and appreciate you.