5 Career Tips for Fresh Grads

So you’re now looking for a job. Well, so are a thousand other fresh graduates. We won’t say good luck because you don’t need it… probably not as much as a few insightful career tips.

It can be hard going from a student to an employee but being unemployed is much harder. So for the fresh grads out there, here are a few ways you can make sure you won’t be jobless for long:                                            

1. Don’t waste your time

Spend your vacation and transition period fixing and sending out your resume. You never know which companies you’ll interest and what kind of opportunities are out there unless you try.

2. Work to learn

A lot of people don’t know what career paths they want to follow. You don’t need to plan your whole life right now, instead look for careers that can help you build your skills so you can be marketable to different companies or a bigger asset to the company that hires you.

3. Clean up your social media accounts

Prep for a “clean” social media account. Make sure there are no posts that will embarrass you or any pictures that will put in a bad spot. Yes, recruiters will check on your Facebook page. Try to nail a good first impression even if you’re not called for an interview yet. Also, create Jobstreet and LinkedIn profiles so companies will know you exist.

4. Practice your spiel

You’ll be competing with other fresh graduates. Set yourself apart by focusing on the things that you are good at. Research on the usual questions asked during interviews and prepare your spiel. Make sure you highlight your strengths.

5. Never stop learning

Don’t just go on movie marathons and TV binging while waiting for a job call. Enhance your skills. Enroll in courses that will help you with your career.