10 Flight Hacks

Have you had jet lag, stiff muscles, or big swollen feet during a flight? Check out these tips to make your next flights more comfortable!

Taking a long-haul flight soon? Prepare for jet lag, disrupted sleep patterns, stress, dehydration, and deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Yes, planes are not always fun. But they can be more comfortable. Here are some tips: 

Before take-off

1. Eat a light meal containing protein and complex carbohydrates such as tuna. Heavy meals can leave you feeling bloated. 
2. Drink lots of water. Flying can dehydrate you. 
3. Wear light, loose-fitting clothing, or something you’re comfortable wearing. Avoid wearing tight jeans because it might leave you feeling stiff. 
4. Brisk walk. Exercise will invigorate you, help you de-stress and get the blood pumping around your body—lowering the risk for DVT.

During the flight

5. Stick to easily digestible light meals and snacks to avoid stomach problems. 
6. Loosen your tie, belt, or waistband. Add or remove layers until you become comfortable. 
7. Use a special elastic, in-flight socks to reduce the risk of DVT.
8. Get up and walk around whenever you can. Ideally, every 10 minutes. Exercise in your seat to prevent your muscles from getting stiff.

Once you landed

9. Get up and go! Brisk walk and spend 10 minutes stretching to help return your body to a more normal state.
10. Don’t forget to adjust your watch to the time-zone of the country you’re visiting.