10 DIY Halloween Party Decorating Ideas You Can Do in Minutes

Uh oh, it’s already the 31st of October and you still haven’t done a thing for your Scary Party tonight. What to do? Check out these hassle-free Halloween party props you can do in minutes! 

Fear not! You only need minutes to put together the best Halloween party.

Halloween parties are fun if you’re not the one organizing it. To the hapless mom who needs to work, take care of the children, manage the household and organize a party or the Millennial who have so many things to finish at the office, it’s a horror show (pun intended). Well, fear not! Here are DIY Halloween party props we’ve found from all over the Internet that you can put together in minutes. You won’t even need a day. That’s how easy they are to make!

Creepy bats

Bats are Halloween staples. And when they fly in droves, they can be scary. On a wall, a group of flying paper bats can be an eye-catching centerpiece. Create different sizes and line them up with the smallest ones on top. This creates an illusion of distance, as though the larger ones are nearer and the small ones are up in the sky. Flying paper buts is easy to do. Download a template from the internet. Cut it and trace the shape on a black art paper. Stick ‘em up on walls, on the door, or on windows.  You can also use the bats as design for the party loot bag.

Cold hands

Give your visitors a fright with this quirky frozen hand Halloween ice on your punch bowl! Serve red iced tea or strawberry juice and your bowl can look like severed hands floating in a bloodied water. Oooohhh!!! How to make it? Buy plastic disposable gloves. Clean it up and disinfect with hot water. Fill the inside with water and pop it in the freezer. By the time midnight strikes, you’d have your cold hands ice pieces ready to party.

Ghost Balloons

These eerie, ghost-like balloons are actually easy and quick to make. Just purchase white balloons from the bookstore or party store, draw three oblongs that will serve as the eyes and mouth, and cut long strips of white craft paper and stick them at the bottom of the balloon. That’s it. You’re done! Tie them up everywhere in the house. They will look like floating ghost figures.

Pumpkin balloons

This is another balloon-based Halloween decoration. Like its ghost brothers, it’s also quite easy to make. Just purchase yellow-orange and orange balloons. Draw different designs of eyes and mouth, and voila! You have floating pumpkins hanging out at your party.

Bloodied stuffed toy

Uhmmm… this can probably give kids nightmares. So if your party is for little kids, forgo with this prop. It’ll be a great table centerpiece though at a dinner party for friends or a décor by the window sill. To make one, just get a teddy. The more tattered it is, the better. Cut some holes and makes some rips. With a red dye, put some blood in its body. You can even put a knife to make it look like a bear who’d gone psycho.

Bloody messages

With a scary message, bloody writings on walls, glass, and trees can give you that psycho-thriller movie vibe. Just take your red paint and start writing on every surface you can find. Add some hand marks and maybe slide your fingers a bit as though the words were written by someone about to die!

Floating witch hats

Witches are everyone’s familiar friend during the eerie season and a batch of floating witch hats can be the perfect prop for a Halloween party. Making them is real easy. Just buy black cartolina. Make a cone and glue it on a circle. Put a white string on top of the hat and tape it on the ceiling.  

Picture-ready masks

These masks are great giveaways to your party guests and they are easy to do. Just print out mask templates and use them to make cardboard cutouts. You can either color the cardboards using pentel pen and colored pens or cut the same figure on an art paper and glue it on the cardboard. You can even be more creative and design the masks with sequins and glitters. Glue or tape barbecue sticks on the underside to make a handle.

Cauldron of treats

Take a large clear bowl from the kitchen and stick Halloween figures on the outside. You can also wrap the outside with black or orange wrapping paper. It’s up to you. Then, for the finishing touch, fill the bowl with all sorts of chocolates and candies.


Halloween will not be Halloween without candles! An easy DIY idea is to get yourself different sizes of orange and black pillar candles. Simply tie the ribbons around the candles. Light ‘em up and voila! Your party already has the Halloween vibe. Easy-peasy!