Things you need to consider when returning to work after quarantine

Back to work means taking even more precaution to stay safe and healthy
By Claude Reyes

Things to consider returning work after quarantine
Follow health and safety protocols at work so your loved ones stay protected, too.
In this time of pandemic, many of us have been lucky enough to keep working from home and maintain an income. Some of us, though, may need to return to the workplace soon, as we all know that businesses and workplaces can’t stay closed forever.  But we can’t blame you if you’re wary of returning to work knowing that there is still no known cure for the virus. The office building is a prime spot for virus transmission, as many people from various places congregate in it, touching surfaces that you may also touch, breathing in the same poorly-ventilated air as you are. 
That is not to say there is no safe and cautious way to return to the workplace. If you’ve received the memo to return to the workplace, here are a few things you need to consider before packing up your bag and going back to work:

Check your health condition—and your loved ones, too

Do you have any of the symptoms? Whether or not you have been tested, if you display any of the symptoms, it’s best not to go to work for at least 14 days at the first sign of the symptom. Once you do return, make sure you wear a mask and carry a sanitizer wherever you go - for your safety and others’. 
You should also check if you’ve interacted with anyone who has the symptoms. This may also require you to go self-isolate for the prescribed amount of time.

Talk to your boss

Ask your employer for a solid return-to-work plan and do not be afraid or embarrassed to ask questions. This is your safety we’re talking about. You can ask about the staggered work shifts, the physical setup of your office space, and if they offer mental health support as well.

Follow all the new rules and regulations of the outside world

Secure your permits, especially if your area or the area where your workplace is located requires them. Once at the office, submit to all the new regulations there as well. This may include a thorough health check, a new shift to help stagger the influx of workers coming into the building, etc.

Rethink commuting to work

If you commute to work, consider other modes of transportation such as biking so that you can practice social distancing easily. If this is not an option, make sure to practice social distancing in your public transportation of choice. Wear gloves so that you don’t accidentally contract the virus on your hands and avoid touching your face (that includes your eyes, nose, and mouth) and your phone for the duration of your travel.

Practice social distancing even inside the office

You might be missing your co-workers but don’t shake hands, hug, or touch in any way just yet.  Always wear a mask even inside the building as courtesy. And consider taking your own packed lunch so that you know where your food comes from. No sharing and no eating in the cafeteria - your own desk will have to do for now.
Avoid congregating in large groups within enclosed spaces—that means no more face-to-face group meetings.