Siargao: More Than a Surfing Destination

If you think Siargao is all about Cloud 9, then think again! Surfing is only one of the many things this tiny island is popular for. Read on for other fun activities you can indulge in on your next visit there.

by Sher Bautista, 15 September 2017

When the word Siargao is mentioned as a holiday destination, the first thing that comes to mind is surfing. And rightly so. But, if you are, like a majority of travelers, not adept at riding the waves and would rather spend the day indulging in other activities, read on and discover what else this paradise destination has to offer.

Stand-up Paddleboard in a Secret Lagoon

There’s nowhere more perfect than Sugba Lagoon to spend a morning (or afternoon) stand-up paddle boarding. The crystal clear blue-green waters, the limestone cliffs, and the beauty of nature all around you—all of these elements come together to make Sugba the perfect place to unplug and spend all afternoon on your board. When you get tired, simply slip into the cool waters of the lagoon and snorkel with stingless jellyfish. The experience is otherworldly and surreal. 

Take the time to visit the different islands. You’ll be happy you did. (Photo Courtesy of Lady Jean Dupan)

Island Hop

For you beach bums out there, a day out sunbathing on the white sand beaches of Naked Island, Daku Island, and Guyam Island may sound like a prescription for the perfect day, and it is! Rent a boat and island hop your way through all three, making sure to spend enough time at each stop to catch some rays, take a dip in the ocean, and maybe grab some zzz's in between.

The food in Siargao is just as enticing as the view. (Photo Courtesy of Arka Hayahay)

Food Trip

Siargao is nothing but a haven for all foodies and foodie best friends who like to tag along and discover great places to eat. Stop by the roadside stalls for some pan de coco, get the best tacos at Miguel’s Taqueria, and stuff yourself silly with delicious Filipino food at Harana. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! General Luna has great restaurants lined up for every single food craving. Head over to Mama’s Grill for affordable BBQ, go to Bravo for classic Spanish cuisine, and for the vegans in the crowd, Arka Hayahay and Shaka offer great meals, from breakfast bowls to tasty smoothies. There is no end to the food madness here.

Rent a Bike and Explore the Island

For the adventurous, rent a motorbike and putter around the island with a friend. Siargao is made up of more than just the surf center of General Luna. The island’s other municipalities—Del Carmen, Pilar, Burgos, Dapa, Santa Monica, San Isidro, San Benito, Burgos, and Socorro—are just as beautiful and interesting. The Del Carmen port, for example, is the jump-off point for the mangrove forest tour and Sugba Lagoon boat ride. The roads connecting the municipalities are well paved and there’s no shortage of picturesque places to stop and take great photos, or grab a bite and just take in the natural beauty of the place.

Visit a Marine Sanctuary

Head out to Socorro, hop on a ferry, and go visit the Sohoton Cove National Park, a protected sanctuary made up of virgin mangrove forests, white sand beaches, and limestone caves and islands. Also known as Bucas Grande, this park is famous for a lagoon where you can swim with hundreds and hundreds of stingless jellyfish. Freak out your friends with underwater photos of yourself surrounded by the otherworldly-looking yet harmless creatures. After that, explore the many small islets that make up Bucas Grande; and then end the day with a sunset boat ride back to the mainland.

There are even more activities to indulge in while on the island—hiking, visiting the Mapupungko tidal pools, cliff diving—but the list is pretty long and varied. At some point, it really is up to you to discover on your own, what else this paradise has to offer. If the activities mentioned above don’t convince you to visit or stay a few more days (or weeks) in Siargao, we don’t know what will.