How To Save Your Kid From First Day School Jitters

It is natural for your child to be nervous about her first day of school. Think back to your first day at a new job. You were nervous, too, right? Now, think about your child and imagine how intimidating it is for your little one to leave home and be left alone in a huge, strange new place. They’re probably twice as scared. You can help her deal with her fears by following these simple steps.

by by Jen Chuaunsu, 14 June 2017

It must be scary for your kid to not have mommy and daddy around all the time. Adjusting to a new schedule and environment and doing unfamiliar tasks may be difficult at first, borderline frightening. But you can help your child cope with the dreaded first day of school. Here’s how:

1. Go on a Tour of the School
Everyone loves trips, so why not take your child around his new school before classes start? Help him become more familiar with the different areas and people there. If he knows his way around, he will be less afraid of going to school.

2. Potty Training
Your child might be nervous about the bathroom situation. He might have nightmares about wetting his pants in front of his classmates. Avoid potty panic by including the school bathroom in the school tour. Show your child that using the school bathroom is not much different from using the bathroom at home and make sure he’s perfectly capable of using the bathroom by himself. If there are special circumstances that give your child toilet trouble, it would be a good idea to inform his teacher.

3. Make Friends Ahead of Time
Some kids are naturally shy. There is nothing wrong with that. If your kid is a bit of a wallflower, it is a good idea to set up playdates with his future classmates. Plan get-togethers before school begins. If friendly faces surround your kid, he might even surprise you by becoming excited about his first day of school.

4. Buy School Supplies

Remember how excited you used to be whenever you got a new pencil case? If your kid is nervous about school, go out and buy school supplies together. Shopping for school supplies might distract him from first day of school jitters. It might make him excited about the things he will use to learn. A new set of crayons, a new school bag, or a new book can do wonders.

5. Read Books about the First Day of School
There are a lot of children’s books that show characters experiencing their first day of school. A good story can assure your kid that everything will be all right. As a bonus, reading will help your child keep up with the other kids.

6. Bring Something from Home
Give your child a token to remind him of home. It could be a family picture, his favorite toy, or a tiny swatch of his blanket. These keepsakes will make him feel stronger and help him overcome the first day jitters.

7. Buy Some New Clothes

Get your kid excited with new shoes. He’d be so happy to have them that he wouldn’t be able to wait to wear them. That excitement will carry over to his first day and can boost his confidence. Before you know it, your child may be one of the most popular kids in his class.