5 Signs It’s Time to Look for Another Job

#WalangForever… applies to jobs, too. Sometimes, even the best jobs in the world, your dream job at that, could eventually make you feel trapped or unfulfilled. Maybe you’re burning out or outgrowing a career you’ve had all your life or you’re just not happy anymore, plain and simple. If you feel like you should move on but are unsure if it is the right time, read on and see if any of these signs apply to you.

They say the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence and sometimes, it truly is. It doesn’t matter how happy you are with your job right now, there’s always this nagging feeling that other companies or other careers may just be a tad better. But it’s one thing to imagine a better job, and quite another to start feeling like a career/job change would be a lifesaver. As The Clash once asked, should you stay or should you go? Here are the signs that you have to let go.

Sign # 2: You’re Doing It Just For The Money

On the other hand, while money is an important factor, it shouldn’t be the ONLY factor. Some people stay at high-paying jobs that they absolutely hate. Your job should be something that interests you, excites you, motivates you to be better, and if it doesn’t do any of these things, then there might be a problem. This is the clearest path to Burnoutville, and you may want to find something that truly excites you.

Sign # 3: Your Job Is Making You Physically Ill

Sunday nights are the most depressing time of the week, you get a queasy feeling every time you wake up, and just the mere sight of your office building makes you sick… literally. Unhappiness and stress do manifest physically and if you’re not careful, you could find yourself suffering from something more serious. When your body is telling you to quit, listen.

Sign # 4: You Spend More Time Doing Something Else Other Than Your Job

Be it YouTube makeup tutorials, compiling baking recipes, or trying your hand at editing videos, doing things other than your actual job during office hours is a big no-no. You know it, you’re a professional and you really need to stop… but you can’t. We all have passions outside work, but sometimes we’re so invested in them that we might be better off pursuing them full-time. Trading work productivity for your passion project is a sure sign that you need to move on.

Sign # 5: You’re Reading This Article

Not only did you click on this link, you made it to item number five. There must be a reason behind it, and whatever it may be, whether items 1-4 covered it or not, it’s something that you can’t ignore. You have to confront it head-on. Moving on to another job is a decision that may require a lot of introspection, of weighing the pros and cons, but sometimes gut feel is enough. If you’re reading this article, and this is the third of its kind you’ve read all week, you may want to close this tab and open a jobs market website right about now.


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