Are Cancer Insurance Policies Worth It?

Statistics show that seven Filipino adults die of cancer, every hour. The more unsettling reality: cancer can happen to anyone at any age. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Educate yourself about cancer insurance policies.

by Sheen Moringa

Seven Filipino adults are dying of cancer every hour, according to the Cancer Coalition of the Philippines (CCP). As you read this, someone sitting anxiously in a clinic may have just been told, "You have cancer." What if that person is you, or someone close to you? Are you emotionally prepared for it? And when the doctor discusses possible treatments, are you financially prepared for it as well?

Do I Need Cancer Insurance?  

With treatments like chemotherapy amounting to around PhP100,000 per session, battling with cancer is financially challenging. Keep in mind that insurance companies will not give you a cancer plan once you’ve been diagnosed, so it is important to invest early on. 

It’s worth looking into cancer insurance if you have: 
  • A long family history of cancer, which means you are at risk, or genetically predisposed to be diagnosed with the disease as well.
  • Regular and intense exposure to carcinogens, such as smoke or ultraviolet radiation
  • No health insurance coverage 

What Are the Features of Cancer Insurance? 

Prospecting the best cancer insurance policy for you is similar to choosing your life insurance. To ensure maximum protection for you and your loved one, find out which insurance company offers policies with the following features: 

  • Provisions for the Different Stages of the Disease
Always remember, prevention is better than cure. You should consider a cancer plan which offers help even when the disease is at its early stages. 
  • Wide Treatment Coverage 
Knowing the coverage of the plan is also important. Some insurance plans only cover in-patient hospital transactions, while others also help you with outpatient facilities and other medications. 

  • Affordable and Flexible Payment Terms
Payment terms are always crucial. Check if the insurance company offers premiums with affordable contributions in the right amount of time. 

Cancer insurance is being offered in the Philippines by various insurance companies like FWD Life Philippines (FWD). Fight Plan, FWD’s cancer protection plan, guarantees 15 years of financial support upon diagnosis. With its practical payment terms, you can get up to PhP2 million worth of benefits, no matter which type and stage of cancer you are in.

Battling, treating, and surviving cancer isn’t always a one-time event. It can be closely watched and cured, but sometimes it never completely goes away. If you have cancer insurance, it may lessen your financial burden, so you can focus on taking care of yourself and getting well. After all, insurance is all about protection and financial security when you need it most. Get your cancer fight plan now.