9 Ways To Save Money This Holiday Spend Season

Just a week before Christmas and you’re bonus is all gone? Hmmm… how have you been handling your money? Here are a few tips on how to stay on track with your #financialgoals this season of spending.

Christmas and New Year. It’s a fun season for everyone but our wallets. This is the time when people just spend and spend their bonuses, all in the name of good cheer. Well, if you don’t watch out, no one will be cheering come January of next year.
But seriously, you don’t need to spend so much if you plan it right and watch your budget. Here are some tips on how not to spend the holidays bankrupt. 

1. Create a budget for gifts.
First off, you are not obligated to give someone a gift just because he/she gave you one last year. Only give gifts to people you are close to. Make a list of people and the items you want to give as early as September. Set a budget. And stick to it. 

2. Shop early.
Don’t join the holiday rush. Buying last minute means you don’t have time to check prices and shop around. Time your purchases when shops go on sale before Christmas. If you plan it early, months early, you can even get huge discounts in Divisoria. By December, the place will be in absolute mayhem. 

3. Budget your Noche Buena.
Start collecting recipes you like to try and know you could do so it won’t be a waste. Check grocery stores for special offers and buy the ingredients that will not rot as early as you can, at the best prices possible.

4. Browse online.
Believe it or not, the internet is a mine for great deals. Check Deal Grocer, Metrodeal, Zalora, or Lazada. You can even subscribe to their mailing list so you will be informed of their upcoming sale. 

5. Do it at home.
While it will be more convenient to hold a noche Buena at a restaurant, it loses the “home-cooked” aspect plus, it’s more expensive. Instead of one family cooking for everyone. Consider potluck. 

6. Save on gift-wraps.
Most malls offer free gift-wrapping services when you buy gift items. Take advantage of that freebie. If you bought gifts somewhere else, then consider recycling old magazines or newspapers as gift wrappers. You can even use the ribbons from last year to decorate your gift. 

7. Give a gift of investment. 
Instead of buying that pair of shoes or a gadget upgrade, why not invest the money? Open your children their very first bank accounts. Get them an insurance plan with investment options. Buy stocks or mutual funds. That way, in the long run, you have not really spent a cent and will even earn from the gift. Visit https://www.fwd.com.ph/en/invest/ and check out what investments you can give as gifts.