8 Words that will Help You Close Deals Faster

Great salespeople have an awesome amount of drive and perseverance to succeed despite uninterested prospects and ever-looming sales targets. They have tools that help them meet and even exceed targets, like using keywords to trigger positive responses. If you’re looking to close a deal, here are tried and tested words that will boost your chances.

by Leah C. Eriguel, 31 July 2017

Use these words to boost your chances of closing a deal.

While selling may be an art that needs to be mastered, marketing-software maker Hubspot has identified certain words that great salespeople use to seal their deals. If you’re selling anything, here are eight words you must learn to use in your pitches to help ensure quicker wins.

1. ‘You’

Selling is all about prospects. And a great salesperson knows that the best way to close a sale is to make the prospect feel special. So use “you” early and often, as you make your pitch—if possible, once every minute.

2. Your prospect’s first name

Just like “you,” the sweet sound of your prospect’s first name increases your chances of acing the deal. People tend to pay attention when you use their first name in a presentation. It makes them feel like your pitch was customized solely for them.

3.   Use ‘And’ Instead of ‘But’

The word “but” sends signals that you’re about to say something they may not like to hear.  Using the word “and” sounds more inclusive. For example, “I’m aware that your budget is only PhP500,000 and let me explain why our offer costs PhP1,000,000.”   

4. ‘Value’

Explain clearly and in detail how your product provides value. Only then will the features and benefits of your product start to matter to your customers. Your product becomes of value when your prospects see how it helps them achieve their objectives.

5. ‘Do’ Instead of ‘Try’

Yoda must’ve been a great salesman. Remember his line? “Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try.” The word “try” makes you sound uncertain. Use “do” to exude competence and trustworthiness. For example, instead of saying, “Let me try to…” what you should say is, “This is what I’ll do…”

6.  ‘Or’

The word “or” offers options. And when being offered a deal, customers prefer multiple options. So your chances of closing a sale doubles when you offer Option A or Option B.

7.  ‘Should We’

Nobody likes being told what to do, especially your prospects. A great salesperson makes suggestions and poses them as questions. This signals respect for your customers.

8. ‘Imagine’

One of the best ways to sell a product is to tell a compelling story. And it doesn’t end there. You must tell your engaging product story with your customer as the hero. Using the word “imagine” goes beyond letting your prospect hear about what your product can do. “Imagine” allows your prospects to picture themselves with your product, getting better work done, or leading better lives because of it.