Stand Out from the Pack

When it comes to sales, being extraordinary means nothing less than being on top of your game. Top performers thrive on the challenge, seeing every potential deal as an opportunity to win. There are five qualities that need to be developed to become an exemplary salesperson. Do you have what it takes to be extraordinary?

by Leah C. Eriguel, 15 September 2017

What qualities make an extraordinary salesperson stand out from the pack?

A career in sales entails a high level of mental toughness like that of a boxer. You need to withstand all the no blows until you land the hit that wins the game. Check out the five traits that make a salesperson stand head and shoulders above the rest.

1. Amazing Product Knowledge 
Whether it’s a company or a person you are selling to, you’re asking potential clients to part with their monies, so they need to be able to trust you. An in-depth knowledge of your product, beyond just the basics, earns that trust. Be an expert at the product you are selling; know every detail from product use, mechanics, all the way to systems and operations. Extraordinary salespeople don’t need to sell themselves because their impressive product knowledge sells itself. 

2. Passion for the Product 

Not every great salesperson is an extrovert but all extraordinary salespersons have a passionate belief in their product. This strong belief makes it exciting for you, as a seller, to show off the opportunities offered by a product you are proud to be sharing with others. This passion is felt by your customers and makes it easier for you to seal the deal.

3. Attention to Detail
The more organized you are, the more you keep customers happy in the long-term and the more likely you’ll get repeat sales and referrals. Show your clients you have all the details they need in an organized manner, even the details they should have organized themselves. You’ll find a quick rapport will develop between you and your client. That means you’ve earned their confidence. 

4. Strong Work Ethic 

Sure, all salespeople work hard to meet their targets but an extraordinary salesperson goes beyond the brief. If you’re a salesperson who stands out from among the pack, you know that a sale doesn’t stop at the close of the deal. A sale continues for as long as the services of your product are being used. You understand that you remain your customer’s Point of Contact and have to work at resolving customer issues quickly and efficiently. You’ve done your work on internal networking so you know who to get to in your company for support in finding timely solutions for your clients.

5. Hunger to Achieve
This one is a deal breaker. You simply don’t become extraordinary without the hunger to achieve. Great salespeople don’t just take care of the customer relationships they’ve built, they seek new accounts or find new ways to increase business with existing clients who trust them. Your hunger makes you self-motivated, choosing to see rejection as a challenge to figure out new ways to get to the end goal. You are competitive and resilient and aim to be the top-grosser in your sales team by strategizing and working nonstop until you get to the top and way ahead of the pack.