5 Tips to Rock the First Week at Your New Job

First impressions last. So be sure you make a good one on your new colleagues, especially on your first week on the job. But how do you balance being the eager-to-be-here and I-cant-wait-to-show-you-how-productive-I-can-be without seeming too overbearing? Here are five tips that can make you the popular new guy or gal at work.

The first few days at your new job is always going to be one of the more stressful ones. This is the period wherein you will be getting an actual feel of what it’s like taking on your new role and working with your new colleagues. At the same time, this is also when you will be sized up, scrutinized, and judged if you seem like a good enough fit for the role. Here are five tips that should help you go through your first week on the job with a breeze.

1Manage Your Expectations

Some people are of the mindset that they should come into their new jobs guns a-blazing. This does not always have to be the case, especially if the role is something that’s definitely out of the usual that you’re used to.  As the new guy or gal, you can most probably expect to be given some leeway particularly in picking up the learning curve. However, this does not mean that you will not put in the effort to learn as much as you can and as fast as you can.

Don’t feel too frustrated if you don’t get the flow of things around the new office within your first week. Just be cool as a cucumber and absorb as much as you can like a sponge. You’re most likely not going to need everything you learn in one go, but eventually, the stuff you get from your orientation and training should come in handy.

2Come on Time

Don’t even make the mistake of being late for your first week—and especially not on the first day!—on the job. You want to show that you’re professional enough to be working for the company and being punctual is one of the simplest ways to do so. Besides, coming on time, apart from being the right and courteous thing to do, also allows you to set up for the day without being frazzled and disorganized. 

3Take Note, But Ask Questions

During your orientation or training, it’s best that you take note of the more important items being discussed. The important thing here is that, should there be any clarifications on your part, you don’t hesitate to ask. This shows interest in what is being discussed, although you would also want to make sure you don’t impede discussions by asking too much. Otherwise, you’re going to look like you just can’t keep up the discussion, and they might perceive it as a sign of how you’ll be like to work with.

4Have Lunch with Coworkers

While making friends and being popular should not necessarily be your first priority at your new job, you shouldn’t stop yourself from trying to get to know them better. After all, these coworkers of yours will be the ones that you can approach for help later on. Having lunch with them should be a good way to start socializing. It should also give you a glimpse of what the company culture is like and see if it’s something that you can go with.

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5Dress Accordingly

If your office has a dress code, follow that code. You don’t always have to dress to impress. You want to be presentable, not the center of attention. If you want to attract your colleagues’ attention, do so instead for the right reasons—as in performing well in your tasks.

Remember, you only get the chance to make a first impression once. Make the most out of it and enjoy your first week at your new job!