5 Reasons Why You Should Invest Now, Not Later

Don’t wait for a better salary package or a fatter bank account before you invest. Do it now. Read the five reasons why you should.

The best time to invest was a decade ago. The second best time? Now! If you’re waiting for a higher paycheck or a fatter bank account, don’t. You can invest with what you are earning now and here are five reasons why you should. 

You will grow your money more.
Starting early means your money will earn interests longer, benefitting from market gains. 

You will have more money to invest.
You don’t have that big of an expense when you’re young. No college fund or mortgage payments to worry over.  You can set aside more money. 

You will develop better spending habits.

Investing early trains you to save and to set aside a portion of your income. This habit also curbs your spending and prevents you from wasting money on useless things. 

You will have peace of mind.
Knowing that you have money set aside and earning for you helps you live life with less worries. Investing protects you from unexpected problems like losing a job or rising costs of basic necessities.

You know you will have a more comfortable retirement. 
By building a nest egg, you know you have something—a big amount—to live off from when you retire. 

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