Enjoy the benefits of a lifetime insurance protection, US Dollar-denominated and globally-diversified equity portfolio, and receive all benefit payments in US Dollars. All these in one plan!
US Dollar All Set Higher

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Every investor knows that diversification is the key to reduce the risk of your investments. With FWD’s US Dollar All Set Higher plan, you can fully benefit from the global diversification of your US Dollar-denominated investments. FWD’s US Dollar All Set Higher plan is available for investments starting at US$ 20,000 and up.

So... What does it do?

  • Access to a well-balanced portfolio of worldwide investments

    The fund invests in top corporations spread all over the world, providing an optimal diversification of your investment. This allows a more stable growth of your investment. As a benchmark for the performance of the fund, we use the Morgan Stanley All Country World Index, which has returned an average of 10.46% over the past 5 years. In this period, the annual returns fluctuated between 22.80% (2013) and -2.36% (2015).*

    *Based on MSCI ACWI Index (USD) as of August 31, 2017

  • US Dollar Currency

    Your investment is in US Dollar-denominated assets and allows you to benefit from the strength of the US Dollar. All benefits will be paid out to you in the same currency.

  • Life insurance coverage

    US Dollar All Set Higher is a life insurance policy with coverage up to 100 years old. In case of death, the minimum pay-out will be 125% of your initial investment.

  • Other benefits

    Life insurance policies provide several advantages over direct investments. The proceeds can be free of estate tax and cannot be claimed against by creditors, as the investment is segregated from your assets.

  • Competitive fees and charges

    We do not have up-front charges and our fund management charge is among the lowest in the industry. We only apply exit charges in case you need to surrender your investment earlier.

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