A customizable group credit life insurance plan for financial institutions and their customers

group credit life insurance

What we cover

Death - In the event that the borrower passes away, FWD will pay you the outstanding loan balance.

Total and Permanent Disability - Should the borrower become totally and permanently disabled, FWD will pay the outstanding loan balance.

Critical Illness
• In the event that the borrower is diagnosed with any of the five critical illnesses, FWD will advance the benefit amount to pay you or reduce the outstanding loan balance.

• We provide coverage for the following critical illnesses:
 - Cancer
 - Coronary artery bypass grafting
 - Myocardial infarction or heart attack
 - Renal failure or kidney failure
 - Stroke

Exclusions may apply including pre-existing conditions. 
Refer to the sales illustration for a list of exclusions. 
For more information, talk to your FWD Financial Advisor.

So…what does it do?

  • Built for banks, creditors, moneylenders, and other financial institutions - FWD Group Credit Life safeguards your portfolio against untimely death, diagnosis of a critical illness or total and permanent disability of your customers.

  • With your customer firmly in mind - Borrowers gain peace of mind with credit insurance that protects their assets and loved ones as customers take out loans. Enhanced protection add-ons empower customers to fully pursue their goals and dreams, and enable surviving family members to pay off existing loans that have been left behind.

  • Wide range of loans accepted - Our protection plans cover a wide range of loans such as:
    • Business loans
    • Car loans
    • Monthly credit card payments
    • Mortgages
    • Personal credit

  • Comprehensive coverage up to 75 years old - Our extensive coverage period lets customers confidently take out loans and live their best lives today.

FWD Advantages:

• Provides coverage until age 75
• Eligible for coverage as long as you apply for a minimum loan coverage amount of Php 5,000, and have at least 20 borrowers
• Optional add-on coverage for critical illness and total and permanent disability

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