When the team is protected, you feel more confident to reach for higher goals. Now with certainty you can. Our Group Insurance takes away your hesitation by providing better protection and makes life easy by making everything flexible. Giving more power to your team, and ultimately to your business.

Group Life

A customizable protection designed to remove your worries when life takes unexpected turns.

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Group Accident

A customizable accident plan with a heart for your people’s safety.

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Group Credit Life

Loan and credit protection for financial institutions and their customers

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For Small & Medium Businesses


Packaged group insurance that works within your budget while protecting your most precious assets - your employees.

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Providing coverage for the accidental loss of life of your employee happening at any time zone across any geographical border.

Giving your employees maximum protection when an accident occurs - from the loss of life to any dismemberment or loss of use.

A packaged group life insurance plan that protects your most important asset, your employees