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8 things to look for in an insurance company when you’re planning to retire at 50

Planning to retire at 50? A trusted insurance company can help you secure your future with health protection or investments that help grow your money.

By Jeanne Jampac

Choosing an insurance company in the Philippines to help you with health and life protection, retirement savings, or investments; and be ready to retire 50 is not an easy task. It means looking for the right insurer to invest your hard-earned money in for a secure future. This requires a huge amount of trust, and informed, prudent decision-making.

Here are the 8 things you should look for in an insurance company in the Philippines when your goal is to be ready to retire at age 50.

1. License

The insurance company must, first and foremost, be a licensed insurer in the Philippines. The country’s insurance regulator is the Insurance Commissioner of the Insurance Commission under the Department of Finance. Companies that provide pre-need contracts, and the insurance agents who represent them must be licensed. Their authorizations and licenses need to be renewed every three years.

2. Ease of filing a claim

FWD Life Insurance cuts the red tape and delivers a quick and hassle-free service when it comes to policy claims. FWD’s website has a Claims Portal or you can download Omne by FWD application for easier access. Once you have filed the initial report, a Claims Ambassador will reach out to you and assist you in every step of the process.

3. Innovation and easy access

Innovation is at the backbone of FWD’s growth. The company is focused on creating fresh customer experiences with easy-to-understand products supported by leading digital technologies. From end-to-end digital sales processes and its mobile app Omne, FWD invests in technology and systems that are customer-led and provide easy access to everything that customers need.

4. Easy to understand contracts and processes

It’s easy to get insurance, but understanding what it all means is challenging. FWD makes the language straightforward and understandable for customers—and its agents are always ready to answer questions, whether it’s about investments or protection.

5. Financial stability

In selecting an insurance company for retirement readiness, you have to consider the insurer’s financial stability. The Insurance Commission does this for you as it releases an annual list of top insurance companies in the Philippines so you do not have to crunch the numbers yourselves. Spare some time to inquire from family and friends who have insurance plans, and get insights from online reviews on which companies provide good overall service.

6. Customer service

There are two types of customer service you have to take note of: before and after purchase of a plan. With its Customer Support, FWD makes it easy for customers to inquire, plan, request, file a claim, check policy details, or track investments.

7. Coverage

According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, there are 12.3 million Filipino senior citizens (aged 60 years old and above) as of May 2020. Insurance companies offer different types of plans to choose from. So when designing a retirement plan, make sure to ask yourself questions like what kind of health coverage suits you, how much money you need, when you need it, and how you want to receive it. When planning for retirement it’s also good to consider life protection plans with investment components.

8. Cost

As much as we don’t want to scrimp on our retirement plan, we cannot deny the fact that costs strongly affect how we choose our insurance companies. Costs differ from one company to another and there are many factors that affect insurance premiums. To be able to choose the most cost-efficient plan, compare policies that technically provide the same coverage. Some plans may cost more because they offer additional coverage. If you find this extra provision basically useless to you, then it’s wiser to choose the more affordable option.

FWD Life Insurance offers a new kind of insurance—it’s easier to buy, easier to claim, and easier to understand. This isn’t the way insurance usually feels, but this is not your usual insurance company.

To help you realize your plan to retire at 50, check out FWD’s Set for Life, Health Bundle, or Manifest to help you get ready with your life, health, and financial protection needs.

Contact an FWD financial advisor today to help you make your retirement an enjoyable one.

Contact an FWD financial advisor today to help you make your retirement an enjoyable one.

This article is part of a comprehensive series titled “Retirement Planning 101: A 5-Step Guide to Securing Your Future”. The series aims to provide you with valuable insights and practical steps to plan your retirement effectively.