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Peace is FWD Life Insurance Philippines’ first digital insurance product that offers financial peace of mind against acts of terror. Buy now so you and your loved ones can live worry-free.

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Why Peace?

It will give my family the support they need in case something happens to me. The main reason for me is the family who I leave behind.

- Onno,39,Davao

With the current threat of terrorism, the insurance that covers it is just timely.

- Rommel,42,Davao

Given the risky times that we are in now, I find it reassuring that my FWD Peace plan will provide a benefit for my family in case I fall victim to a terrorist attack.

- Estela,58,Antipolo

I don’t need to worry about surprise expenses during an emergency.

- Jerick,56,Cavite

It gives me peace of mind especially if the unexpected happens. That my and my family are covered just in case.

- Madonna,39,Metro Manila

Benefits at a glance

  • Your choice of an affordable plan

    Personal Peace insures you for a whole year for only PHP 2,000 and Family Peace insures you and your family for only PHP 3,000. Plus, you have an option to renew every year.

  • Get ₱1 Million coverage per insured

    With Personal Peace, cover yourself for PHP 1 Million for death or disability due to acts of terror. With Family Peace, insure you and your whole family (yourself, legal spouse, and children below 18 years of age) for PHP 1 Million each.

    Learn more about coverage information.

  • Buy online in minutes

    No medical tests, no additional documents required, and your choice of payment method (Credit/Debit cards and Over-the-Counter). It can’t get any easier.

  • Protection anywhere in the world

    Wherever you are, here or abroad, you are protected.

  • Guaranteed approval

    As long as you’re a Filipino Citizen of legal age or a Philippine resident of at least 6 months, you’re approved.

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Who would you like to protect
Personal Peace Family Peace
Protect yourself Protect yourself and your family
(individual, legal spouse, and children below 18)
1 year insurance 1 year insurance
PHP 1,000,000 coverage PHP 1,000,000 coverage per insured family member
Pay PHP 2,000 only Pay PHP 3,000 only
BUY Personal Coverage BUY Family Coverage

Definition of a Terrorist Act

What is a Terrorist Act?

A Terrorist Act is an unlawful and violent act carried out anywhere in the world by one or more members of a non-government organization or group with the intent to physically harm people and intimidate society or the government in support of a political, ideological, religious or social objective. An event officially described as being a “Terrorist Act” by the government where that event occurs will be considered as such, even if it does not meet the definition above.

Coverage Information

What are you insured for?

Should death or disability occur as a result of a Terrorist Act that happened while your plan is valid, FWD will give you a maximum benefit amount of PHP1,000,000 per insured family members.

Which disabilities are covered?

  1. Total and irreversible loss of sight in both eyes
  2. Total and irrecoverable loss of hearing in both ears
  3. Total and permanent inability to use  both hands or both feet
  4. Total and permanent inability to use one hand and one foot
  5. Third degree burns affecting at least 20% of skin surface area

When is the coverage not payable?

Benefits will not be paid if the insured voluntarily participates in a Terrorist Act or any activity declared unlawful by the government.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the payment methods available?

You may pay via VISA and MasterCard Debit/Credit or through any of our Dragonpay Over-the-Counter partner merchants. :

Banking options:
  • Banco de Oro ATM
  • BDO Over-the-Counter Cash Dep with Reference
  • BPI Over-the-Counter Bills Payment
  • Chinabank Over-the-Counter/ATM
  • EastWest Bank Over-the-Counter
  • Landbank Over-the-Counter Bills Payment
  • Metrobank Over-the-Counter
  • PNB Over-the-Counter Bills Payment
  • RCBC Over-the-Counter Bills Payment
  • RCBC Savings Over-the-Counter Bills Payment
  • Robinsons Bank Over-the-Counter Bills Payment
  • Security Bank ATM Bills Payment
  • Security Bank OTC Bills Payment
  • Unionbank OTC/ATM/Online Bills Payment
  • UCPB Over-the-Counter/ATM Bills Payment

Non-banking options:
  • Bayad Center
  • Cebuana Lhuillier Bills Payment
  • 7-11 Over-the-Counter
  • LBC
  • ECPay
  • M. Lhuillier
  • Robinsons Dept Store
  • SM Dept/Supermarket/Savemore Counter
  • RuralNet

When will the plan be terminated?

Personal Peace terminates:

  1. On the date the Insured dies,
  2. On the date when any of the benefits become payable, or
  3. Thirty-one (31) days after the Anniversary Date, during which you can renew your plan

Family Peace terminates:

  1. On the date when benefit for each of the covered family members has been paid or becomes payable
  2. Thirty-one (31) days after the Anniversary Date, during which you can renew the plan

Termination of a Peace Plan will not invalidate any claim that may become payable as a result of a Terrorist Act that happened while the Peace Plan is valid.

When can I renew my plan?

Peace is renewable on an annual basis. We will remind you of the renewal of your plan 30 days prior to the Anniversary Date via email.

How can I renew my plan?

You may renew your plan 2 months before your anniversary date by clicking here

What if I want to edit some details in my policy?

You may contact the FWD Customer Connect Hotline at +632 888 8388, Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm (excluding public holidays).

Can I cancel my plan?

FWD Personal Peace and Family Peace provides a 15-day free-look period, giving you time to go over your plan and make sure it’s the right one for you. If you decide to cancel your plan within fifteen (15) days, you will get a full refund. A request for cancellation of your plan must be done in writing.

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