Insurance company launches product vs acts of terrorism

The increasing terror threat is a very real concern now affecting ordinary people all over the world.  

It’s hard to talk about, because generally, we feel there is nothing we can do about the hatred that drives such random acts of violence, often against completely innocent bystanders.

With this in mind, FWD Life Philippines, the country’s fastest-growing life insurance company, has developed the innovative Peace Plan to encourage Philippine nationals and residents to live free and without fear, if the unthinkable happens and they or their immediate family members get caught up in any act of terror.

While many insurance policies specifically exclude claims arising from terrorist attacks, FWD Philippines has reacted to the concerns and needs of Filipino consumers and developed and priced the FWD Peace Plan to specifically cover this risk.

As the first insurance product of its kind in the country, FWD Peace offers relevant, affordable financial protection in the event of death or serious disability, providing much needed peace of mind against acts of terrorism in the Philippines or anywhere in the world, without exclusion.

By: Tribune Wires

News Source: Tribute