FWD Life Philippines Infuses Financial Education To Pinoy Millennials Via PISO TALES Stories On Wattpad

FWD Life, the country’s fastest-growing insurance company, has teamed-up with Wattpad the largest online storytelling community in order to impart financial life lessons to millennials via its “Piso Tales” advocacy campaign. 

FWD Life Philippines’ Head of Marketing Roche Vandenberghe believes that the “Piso Tales” advocacy is the best way to instill financial literacy to young people.

“At FWD, Piso Tales is truly close to our heart. As a company which aims to encourage Filipinos to live life without hesitation, we are delighted to breathe life to this advocacy campaign. We clearly recognize the potential of the country’s millennial market and, through this advocacy, we are reaching out to a huge segment that has been, thus far, quite underserved in terms of financial education. Our partnership with Wattpad is premised on the idea that financial literacy need not be boring. And the Piso Tales campaign is entirely aligned with our vision to change the way people feel about insurance,” she said.

Wattpad Business Operations and Strategy Lead Chris Stefanyk describes the partnership with FWD Life unique and exciting.

“FWD Life’s Piso Tales campaign will empower a new generation of Filipinos to take control of their finances to prepare for their and their loved one’s future. FWD has been an exciting partner for us because even before we started discussing with them they really understand that in today’s world you really need to be reaching and communicating to teens with a very authentic voice. The Piso Tales advocacy is very unique in the sense that top Filipino Wattpad writers deliver unique content and impart financial literacy in a very unique way. We are very excited about this opportunity and we are excited to see the results in the coming weeks and we are looking forward to future programs and partnership with FWD Life Philippines,” he said.

Adspark Business Director Miki Yukiho can relate to the campaign because he’s a father and he would like to instill financial life lessons to his 10-year-old daugther in a way that she’ll understand.

“Financial literacy is very important specially when you’re a father, I am a father and I try to impart that on my daughter and it’s so hard to explain what insurance is about. You’ll explain a savings account to your daughter, boring di ba? So through this fantastic content and partnership of course with FWD and the authors I think we bridged that gap and made it easier to reach the target market, the millennials.”

"Piso Tales" features three stories infused with nuggets of financial education from the three well-known Wattpad authors which are currently getting a widespread attention among Wattpad online readers.

1. Detour

Author: Gandang Sora (“Miss No. 1 in My Heart”)

Teaser: Joy was born into a rich family. She’s gotten used to getting what she wants. It never crossed her mind that her parents would cut her allowance in half. To make matters worse, they send the most annoying guy on earth to look after her while on vacation with her friends. This unexpected detour leads to many lessons on love and life. Little did Joy know, the path she didn’t want to take is actually the adventure she was looking for.

Read the full story here: www.wattpad.com/story/91129716-detour

2. BTW's its love

Author: ABCastueras (“Stop! In The Name of Love”)

Teaser: What if kung gipit ka na nga sa mga bayarin mo – malalaman mo pang ‘yung taong pinagsasabihan mo lahat ng kinaiinisan mong bagay sa Boss mo eh…ang Boss mo pala?

Naku, patay! Magiging jobless ka na rin ba!?

Pa’no nangyari ‘yun? Well…

Breakout from fear of living your life today. Join Hannah and Edward in discovering how to live and love the way they want it in a lovable story of determination, commitment, and trust.

Read the full story here: www.wattpad.com/story/91163602-btw-it%27s-love

3. My Fangirl Dream

Author: Blue_Maiden (“The Four Bad Boys and Me”)

Teaser: Pagod nang maging normal na fangirl si Aryesa. Ayaw na niyang maging team bahay na lang palagi sa mga concert at events ng favorite K-pop group niya. Kaya gumawa siya ng way para makapunta sa Korea at manuod ng concert ng BTS.

Makakamit ba niya ang kanyang fangirl dream o magiging team bahay na lang siya forever?

Read the full story here: www.wattpad.com/story/91158088-my-fangirl-dream


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